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The importance of zoning laws in commercial leasing

Most of us understand that the zoning of a community's commercial and residential property is a way for local government to protect the health and growth of its community. What many individuals may not be aware of is that these zoning laws carry a great deal of importance when it comes to the leasing and use of commercial property.

Zoning laws are a local government's way to regulate the features and use of a building. These laws may dictate everything from the height and setback of a buildingĀ to its use and activities. Various districts in a community can be zoned for single use or multiple use. Depending on the laws, the same district may be used for commercial and residential properties.

When a business is considering the lease of a commercial property, how it is zoned can play an important role in how it may be used. Even though it might be zoned commercial, the specifics of its zoning may dictate aspects of its use that do not lend themselves well to a certain business model. Many times, zoning laws will regulate size, parking, noise control and even waste management. Everything right down to the use and size of exterior signage may be addressed by the properties zoning laws.

It is important for individuals considering the lease of commercial property to investigate its commercial zoning ordinances. Simply looking for commercial property is not sufficient when taking the step to invest in a location. Commercial zoning issues such as non-conforming laws and variances may make a great deal of difference in the use and operation of a business at a given commercially zoned property.

For individuals looking to lease commercial property, it may be helpful to speak with an attorney about the properties zoning laws and use limitations. Stay well-informed of zoning regulations may help business owners make a more sound decision when leasing or purchasing commercial property.

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