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What every new motorcyclist should know

While new motorcyclists are most likely eager to get on the road, safety must remain a priority to keep all Colorado drivers safe. Accordingly, new riders should acquaint themselves with the following safety tips to ensure they are prepared to operate their motorcycles in a safe and secure manner.

Consumer Reports warns new riders to be vigilant against common road dangers, which can have greater impact on motorcyclists than passenger vehicles. Speeding can play a role in hazard avoidance, as riding at dangerous speeds will greatly reduce the ability to respond to things like pot holes or unexpected debris. Being aware of weather conditions is also highly recommended, as slick, rain-soaked streets can easily contribute to skidding and sliding.

Of course, some accidents simply can’t be avoided. Many drivers lack the proper awareness of sharing the road with motorcyclists, thereby increasing one’s risk of injury. Accordingly, riders should take a cautious approach when it comes to other vehicles by keeping ample distance between themselves and cars and trucks. Appropriate gear, such as helmets, boots and clothing made from rugged materials can help prevent significant injuries from occurring in some cases.

Knowing how to maneuver on a motorcycle is another important safety issue, according to RideApart.com. Vehicle blind spots are a constant concern for many motorcyclists, and being aware of where these areas are will help riders avoiding getting caught unexpectedly. Vehicles changing lanes also pose a risk to riders, especially on particularly busy highways. Riders must pay close attention to driver actions in this case, which entails watching for brake lights and signaling when on the road. 


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