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What is a co-parenting plan?

In the aftermath of a divorce, creating a sense of stability for your children can make quite a difference. That’s why many Colorado families opt to design co-parenting plans. These documents outline important parental decisions regarding children, thereby affording peace of mind.

Psychology Today describes a co-parenting plan as a method of determining how your child will be raised despite a separation. Because things like conflicting work schedules and disagreements about collective parental responsibilities are quite common among divorced couples, having a solid strategy in place can help ease some of the tension between you and your former spouse, while also establishing a routine that your children will hopefully find comfort in.

The specific details of your plan can be based on a few different factors. The age of your child often plays a significant role during the creation of a plan. Age can also determine the level of social or educational activities your child will be committed to, which must be scheduled accordingly to ensure you and your spouse do not encounter any conflicts. If your child has special medical needs and accompanying doctor’s appointments, these too should be present within your plan. 

While there are no set guidelines for what must be included in a co-parenting plans, some experts recommend inclusion of a few key points. Holidaying scheduling, including overnight visits, must be hashed out to make certain your former spouse and yourself can spend a sufficient amount of time with children. A breakdown of the responsibilities of each parent is also helpful, on both a daily level as well as long-term. You can also make amendments to your plan as time goes on, which may be necessary as your children grow older and their needs change.



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