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What are the three types of distracted driving?

Even if you take extra care when traversing Denver roads, you may still face a range of potential dangers. To this end, distracted driving is becoming a mounting concern for many motorists, particularly when faced ever-increasing rates of injury. Any act that takes your attention from the road can cause a significant amount of damage, and may sometimes even result in tragic consequences.

While you are no doubt well-aware that distracted driving behaviors are dangerous, many fail to realize that there are actually three distinct types of distracted driving. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list the types of distracted driving behaviors, each of which can prove deadly under numerous circumstances. The first involves removing your hands from the wheel while operating a vehicle, which is referred to as a manual distraction. This can occur if you are eating while driving, or if you reach to adjust your vehicle’s radio or GPS.

Taking your eyes from the road driving is another type. This is classed as a visual distraction, and can often entail looking at your mobile device. Cognitive distractions may also occur, and this behavior includes a range of activities. Even letting your mind momentarily lapse from the task at hand can greatly affect your safety, as well as the safety of other drivers.

While distracted driving involves many different behaviors, texting or emailing while driving is the most dangerous. This is because use of mobile devices combines all three distraction types into one activity, and may contribute to the 1,161 injuries involving a distracted driver that occur on a daily basis.





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