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Social media usage can greatly impact a divorce

Every day people in Colorado and all over the nation use a multitude of social media platforms to stay in touch with close friends and relatives. However, these same social networking sites can work against couples immersed in divorce proceedings when intimate details about a relationship and its demise are posted.

According to Forbes, expressing the wrong sentiments on social media can have a negative financial effect on the outcome of a divorce. Financial matters often play a significant role during a divorce, and in some cases spouses may attempt to hide assets from one another. For instance, one spouse may reveal details about his or her finances, and this information can be disseminated to the other spouse by way of their shared social circle. In this case, information might still be accessible even if both parties have blocked each other online.

Expensive new purchases can go against what is being claimed in court, and displaying these assets on social media sites may ultimately impact the court’s decision on things like child support and alimony. In general, divorcing couples are counseled not to admit anything online that they would be hesitant to say in public.

Fox Business offers further proof of just how damaging social media can be to a divorce, such as by revealing a new relationship online by posting or being tagged in pictures. This can ultimately lead to hostility on the part of one’s former spouse, which may factor into the decision-making process. Also, once a divorce has begun deleting any previously posted information can be considered as destruction of evidence. Accordingly, it’s best to cease social media usage upon the initiation of a divorce, and request that friends and family refrain from posting about the situation as well.   


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