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How can I reduce my risk as a cyclist?

As a cyclist, you are most likely well aware of the many positive benefits afforded by this sport. However, you also probably know about the numerous dangers facing cyclists when traversing Colorado roads and trails, which can sometimes have tragic consequences involving injury or even death. Accordingly, it’s important that you are aware of those methods for reducing the chance of a serious accident occurring.

ColoradoBikeLaw.com provides a number of essential tips aimed at increasing your safety when on the road. While you may assume that riding on nature trails is a safer alternative, accidents can happen virtually anywhere. To this end, making other cyclists aware of your presence is recommended to prevent collisions. Additionally, be sure that you actually have permission to ride in a particular area, as some (such as state-mandated wilderness areas) are off limits.

During trail rides, you may encounter wildlife or domesticated animals. In this instance, it’s best to proceed with caution. Refrain from disturbing any animals in the immediate area, as this can jeopardize both your safety as well as the animals’ well-being. Also, should you encounter a person on horseback, be sure to abide by the commands of the rider to minimize risk of harm to all involved.

When it comes to riding your bicycle on roads, following all pertinent rules is mandatory. This includes using necessary safety equipment at night (such as lights and reflective materials), as well as wearing things like helmets and goggles at all times. You should also keep to marked bike lines when at all possible to further decrease your risk, and be sure to alert drivers to your maneuvers via hand signals and eye contact. 


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