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How Letting Go Might Be the Best Thing You Do When Going Through Divorce


Please don’t misunderstand us – sometimes fighting (litigation) is exactly what you need to do. At Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C., we have the ability to pivot between the extremes of collaboration and litigation.

But in our experience as divorce lawyers, we’ve come to see that “letting go” is often a wise tactic, whether your divorce is amicable and relatively uncontested, or you’re headed down the path of protracted litigation.

In some cases, letting go can even shift the dynamic from one of aggression to one of amicability.

This is what we mean by letting go.

The old saw that the things you own end up owning you – though it might be a cliché – has some basis in reality.

The diehard snowboarding fan who travels from out of state to Colorado once a year thinks that everyone in Denver has it made, as though we’re always on the slopes. The snowboarder forgets that day-to-day life intrudes for those who live near the mountains, too.

Once you actually own that boat, some of the magic disappears, replaced by the reality of maintenance, storage, and repair. Sometimes, the best thing you can do when going through divorce is letting go of your need to own the boat.

Here’s the benefit of a divorce attorney who tells you to “let go.”

Far from being some kind of new-age prescription for getting through a divorce, the attorney who recognizes the value of “letting go” isn’t saying not to fight for what you want and need.

To be sure, certain situations call for just that.

To let go means to maintain your objectivity and perspective at a time when you’re very likely to lose it. And losing it often means more time, more money, more heartache.

If you ever find yourself facing divorce, keep us in mind.

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