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CDOT addresses potential hazards of drivers playing Pokemon Go

Many people become so accustomed to driving that they forget just how important it is to always have both hands on the wheel and concentrate on the road. But in this age of constant connectivity, far too many motorists will allow their attention to be diverted by cell phone calls, texts, emails and even Facebook updates. These are activities that can rob a driver of the focus that is necessary to operate a motor vehicle safely.

Throughout the state, distracted driving is considered a serious problem, so much so that a new potential distraction has motivated the Colorado Department of Transportation to issue a warning to the public. And what is the nature of this threat? Well, it’s Pokemon Go, a popular smartphone app. The app allows players to go on a virtual hunt for creatures within the game, but they must go to real-life physical locations to “capture” the creatures.

According to a CDOT communications manager, some people have become obsessed with the game, but it is hoped that drivers can curb their Pokemon enthusiasm while behind the wheel. To illustrate the danger, he cited an incident in Maryland where a driver who was playing the game struck a police car.

CDOT has even gone so far as to display “Beware the Pokemon” signs along the state’s roadways. And while so far no accidents related to the game have been reported in Colorado, it should be noted that in 2015 there were over 15,000 accidents and 68 fatalities related to distracted driving. So as we can see, officials have every reason to express concern whenever a new possible driver distraction emerges.

If you or loved one is ever injured due to the negligence of a distracted driver, you will likely need compensation for medical and related expenses. A Colorado personal injury attorney could act on your behalf as you pursue a settlement compensatory to your needs.

Source: Public News Service,”CDOT Targets “Pokemon Go” Players, Other Distracted Drivers,” Eric Galatas, July 29, 2016


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