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How can I create a solid co-parenting plan?

Navigating a divorce is rarely an easy task. It can be even more difficult when kids are involved, and you’ll want to be certain that any arrangements made between you and your ex-spouse take a number of factors into account. Many Colorado families have chosen to create co-parenting plans for this reason. A solid plan can often reduce squabbling and resentment, and keep focus on your children and their needs.

Psychology Today recommends you include a few key components within your co-parenting plan to garner the best results. Holidays can be particularly stressful for children of divorced parents. Accordingly, be sure to include language in your plan designating holiday visit schedules. Reasonable compromise can often ease the decision-making process, so try trading certain holidays in order for your children to spend ample time with both you and your ex-partner.

Parenting styles may also be a matter of contention. Bring these issues up early on in the process to forge some sort of common ground. You can even devise a statement that illustrates your respect for your ex-partner and their abilities, and that you will refrain from critical talk in front of your children to prevent negative emotions from building up.

Because the specific details can change based on things like a child’s age, medical needs and educational requirements, it’s important to remain flexible when creating a plan. In this case, leave room for any amendments to the original agreement. As your children grow older their wants and needs will most likely change, and it’s essential that you and your former spouse are ready for these developments.


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