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Facilitate a more amicable divorce with these tips

Even under the best of circumstances divorces can take a serious toll on the whole family. For couples in Colorado, knowing effective methods for easing the process can be extremely useful, as can seeking legal assistance from our team at Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C. We know that divorce can be a stressful experience for all involved, which is why we recommend the following tips to help facilitate a smoother transition.

According the American Psychological Association, proper self-care can have a very real impact on one’s mental state during a divorce. While it may seem unrelated, things like regular physical activity and a proper diet can have a positive effect on mental health, especially during times of significant stress. Pursuing a new hobby or interest can also serve as a much-needed distraction to feelings of sadness or depression.

Some people elect to join a support group composed of like-minded individuals where they can freely vent without fear of recrimination. In other instances, relying on the support of loved ones is preferable. Seeking the assistance of a mental health professional can also be beneficial. This is particularly important when children are involved, as they may need help processing negative emotions.

In terms of interacting with your former spouse, keeping communication civil is highly important. In cases where a heightened emotional response makes it hard to remain respectful, creating a written plan or list can help organize talking points. Lastly, it’s best to keep criticism of an ex-partner to a minimum in front of children. Kids must maintain healthy relationships with both parents, and critical talk can get in the way of that. Feel free to visit our website for more information if you and your spouse are currently considering options regarding divorce or legal separation.  


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