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How to reduce the risk of DUI

The holidays are a time for families and friends in Colorado to celebrate. However, holiday parties often entail consumption of alcohol, which can greatly increase one’s risk of driving under the influence. This risk can be reduced by taking the proper precautions when encountering alcohol during holiday festivities.

For those hosting holiday parties, MADD has a few tips on how to minimize the likelihood of guests getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink. In the event that alcohol will be available, there should be an ample supply of food on hand to prevent guests from becoming too inebriated too quickly. Additionally, party hosts should refrain from drinking too much even if they’re not driving so they can easily recognize if a guest is excessively drunk.

Having other activities available can be helpful for reducing the amount that people drink during a party, and guests that are not interested in drinking should never be pressured into imbibing. Guests should also have a plan in place for making their way home after a get-together if they plan to drink. In this case, it’s recommended that party hosts speak with their guests beforehand to ensure they have transportation options that don’t involve driving.

When encountering a person who’s obviously had too much to drink, it may be necessary to intervene. Progressive suggests talking to the person using a calm and rational manner when making recommendations on what they can do instead (call a cab or have someone else drive). Remaining non-confrontational will prevent the person from responding poorly or lashing out. If all else fails and the person is still determined to drive, an attempt should be made to remove the person’s keys until they have sobered up.


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