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Tips for driving over the holidays

Many residents of Colorado may find themselves on the road this holiday season. Extended trips are not uncommon when visiting friends and loved ones, and it’s important to make safety a top priority when traveling with your family. From harsh weather to careless drivers, motorists are faced with numerous risks when on the road.

Auto Trader recommends that travelers pay close attention to weather reports before actually setting out on their journey. Inclement weather often causes road closures and delays, which can quickly become a safety issue without the right preparation. In this case, being stocked with emergency supplies (such as flashlights, flares, water and blankets) may prove to be a lifesaver in the event a vehicle becomes stranded overnight.

For extended treks, driver fatigue can be a real issue. These risks are heightened during storms and when driving at night, so motorists are urged to rest at least every two hours. Keeping a vehicle in good condition to prevent breakdowns is just as important. Topping off fluids, ensuring tires are fully inflated, and replacing worn windshield wipers can go a long way towards making sure a vehicle is operating at peak performance.

According to AAA, increased traffic can also be a concern when driving over the holidays. That’s why it’s best to determine which route will be taken and plan departure times accordingly. Leaving a few hours earlier or later may help drivers beat the holiday rush, which will greatly reduce travel times. Having a smartphone on hand is also crucial in the event an emergency occurs. Drivers are urged to bring a charger for their devices to make certain it’s available should they need it.



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