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Coping with a brain injury can be complex

Brain injury victims in Colorado have a long and often difficult road ahead of them. There are many negative effects associated with traumatic brain injuries, including emotional and physical symptoms. To this end, it’s important for brain injury victims and their families to be fully aware of the facts to ensure they can access the help they need when they need it most.

As stated by the Brain Injury Association of America, living with a brain injury can be very challenging. The extent of a person’s injuries is often dependent on which area of the brain sustained damage. Because the right side of the brain governs things like intuition and conceptual thinking, injuries occurring to this region can diminish one’s ability to see the “big picture” view. Conversely, injuries occurring to the left side of the brain often have a much a different impact.

Along with language and logic impairments, left brain injuries can also inhibit a person’s ability to control the right side of the body. Left brain injuries are also associated with emotional issues, such as anxiety and depression. Injuries affecting both sides of the brain (also known as diffuse injuries) may result in general cognitive impairments, extreme tiredness and confusion.

Treatment options are another important concern when it comes to injuries of the brain. Accordingly, the Mayo Clinic lists specific treatments based on the severity of the brain injury in question. For instance, minor brain injuries typically require a medical assessment by a trained professional and little after-care usually only involving over the counter pain relievers. Significant brain injuries require an advanced level of care however, and may even warrant emergency medical treatment. In the aftermath of a brain injury, some people will need to undergo surgery, take medication or submit to a physical therapy regimen to regain some of their former abilities.


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