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What should I know about foodborne illness?

If you are a restaurateur in Colorado, protecting your customers from foodborne illness is a top priority. Improper handling of food can lead to serious health issues, and can also incur huge penalties for the restaurant in question. In order to protect your business, you must ensure that you’re following all proper procedures to make sure customers remain safe.

According to the Denver Department of Environmental Health, there are a few common risk factors that can contribute to higher rates of foodborne illness when preparing food. For instance, the state of the equipment used to prepare food can play a role in contamination. Failure to thoroughly clean equipment may result in the transfer of old food particles to fresh items. Preventing the transfer of contaminants from raw foods to cooked foods is also imperative. This entails a comprehensive sterilization of all associated equipment when working on food preparation.

Incorrect temperatures during storage are another important concern. To this end, cooling methods are crucial for keeping the growth of bacteria at bay. Without proper refrigeration food is increasingly susceptible to bacteria growth, and the more bacteria within a food item, the greater the risk of serious illness. Certain foods must also be kept warm until serving, which requires use of hot cases, heat lamps and crock pots.

When it comes to foodborne illness, failure to take the proper precautions can lead to sickness or even death in some cases. On a yearly basis up to 3,000 people succumb from the effects of contaminated food. Another 128,000 require hospitalization as a result of their illness, while approximately 48 million will experience minor sickness after eating improperly prepared food.


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