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The dangers of distracted driving

While many people think distracted driving is the use of mobile devices behind the wheel, there are actually a whole range of dangerous behaviors that fall into that category. Distracted driving poses a real threat to Westminster motorists no matter how careful they are behind the wheel. Accordingly, it’s imperative that all drivers are aware of the facts so they can comprehend the risks involved when driving while distracted.

As illustrated by EndDD.org, there are three primary types of distracted driving behaviors motorists can take part in. When drivers take their eyes off the road for any reason, this entails a visual distraction. This can simply be a matter of changing the station on the radio, or looking at a friend in the passenger’s seat. Daydreaming or letting one’s mind drift while on the road is considered a cognitive or mental distraction.

Manual distractions are classed as those instances when motorists take their hands off the wheel for some purpose. In terms of texting or emailing while driving, motorists are actually engaging in all three behaviors concurrently. As a result, mobile device usage while driving is considered one of the more dangerous behaviors and should be avoided at all costs.

One only needs to look at the statistics to see the damage distracted driving can impart. According to Distraction.gov, some studies have shown that up to 660,000 motorists are using mobile devices while driving at any moment during the day. Young people are particularly prone to being injured or even killed due to distracted driving habits. This includes ten percent of teens aged 15 through 19, who succumbed to deadly crashes linked with distracted driving.


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