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What’s the best way to discuss divorce with your spouse?

When it comes to divorce, the first steps are often the hardest. If you are contemplating initiating a divorce in Colorado, your first task will be to bring up the topic with your spouse. This can be extremely challenging, especially if your spouse is not aware that divorce is a possibility.

However, there are steps you can take to make the process transpire as smoothly as possible. The Huffington Post offers a few recommendations when broaching the topic of divorce with your spouse, including choosing the right setting and time for your discussion. It’s best to put off having the talk if there are any pending life events on the horizon or other occurrences that can impact the conversation (such as a recent illness or setback experienced by your spouse). If you have kids, it’s vital that you make arrangements for them to be out of the home when the talk occurs, as this will prevent any unnecessary interruptions.

When having your talk, it’s also suggested that you refrain from going over details related to property division or other practical matters. These discussions should occur with an attorney prior to doing any negotiations with your spouse. In the event you change your mind later about a specific concern, your spouse could attempt to use that prior discussion against you.

Finally, you should remain stalwart in your position while also taking a gentle approach with your spouse. He or she is most likely going to feel a complex mix of emotions, and it’s important to respect that while also staying true to your wishes. You should also avoid placing blame on your spouse for the way things transpired, which will only complicate the process even further. 


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