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Swimming pool safety tips can save lives

As summer rapidly approaches, families in Colorado are eager to get to their local swimming pools to beat the sweltering heat and sun. Accordingly, knowing the essential swimming pool safety tips is crucial to ensure the entire family remains safe and secure.

For families with private pools in their homes, the Red Cross offers a number of tips aimed at keeping both guests and inhabitants safe. For instance, kids should undergo swimming lessons as early as possible to ensure they are able to navigate the water on their own. For younger kids or those who are still inexperienced swimmers, continuous parental supervision is crucial. Kids can also be outfitted in safety-certified life vests, which can go a long way towards preventing a tragic occurrence.

In the same token, pools must be properly secured when not in use. Along with things like fencing and latches on gates, consider implementing an alarm system to alert your home’s inhabitants to any trespassers on the property. Neighborhood kids may be attracted to homes with pools, and run the risk of drowning if there are no adults around to supervise. Ladders and other methods of access should also be removed when the facilities are not being used.

KidsHealth.org also offers some tips to increase pool safety. Caution must always be exercised around pools, and kids should refrain from running or horseplay to prevent accidental falls from occurring. Posted rules must always be followed, especially regarding diving and other maneuvers. Kids who are still in the process of learning to swim should also refrain from going in water that is too deep for them to reduce the risk of a tragic incident.


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