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How can I deal with co-parenting after divorce?

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of divorce for couples in Colorado is co-parenting their children. Conflicts are bound to arise over subjects both large and small, and it’s important to be able to navigate these issues with grace and clarity. Not only can this make your life much easier, it can also ensure that your children remain healthy and happy throughout what is bound to be a difficult time for all.

According to Parents.com, parents should not be worried as much about the amount of time spent with their kids, but instead focus on the quality of the time spent. An even split between you and your ex-spouse may not always be possible due to work obligations, school, etc. Co-parenting schedules should accommodate all involved, and that may require a bit of flexibility on your behalf.

In the same token, it’s important to maintain control over your temper when dealing with conflict. This can apply to a lot of different areas, especially when it comes to speaking ill of your ex in front of your children. This can have a very negative impact on your kids, as they may just take your harsh words personally. Also, it’s best to let yourself cool down before bringing up any issues with your ex. That way you address conflict with a clear head.

Lastly, it’s important that you take some time for yourself. It can be extremely lonely being away from your children after a divorce, even for a short period of time. To this end, enjoy some neglected hobbies, spend time with friends, and look for little ways to care for yourself that can also take your mind off any loneliness you might feel. 


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