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Steps to take after a car accident

Even the safest Colorado drivers might still find themselves involved in a car accident. In this case, knowing the proper steps to take is crucial. Failure to do so can have a number of negative consequences, and might even prevent you from holding the negligent party responsible for careless behavior behind the wheel.

In the event that you’re involved in a relatively minor car accident, Consumer Reports recommends moving the vehicle out of the way of traffic if at all possible. Once the vehicle is in a safe spot, turn off the ignition and turn on the hazard lights to alert other drivers of the issue. At this point the police should also be notified. While notifying the police in cases where there is bodily injury is crucial, they can also create an accident report. To this end, be sure to get the officer’s name and contact information so that you can receive a copy.

Getting the contact information of anyone else involved in the accident is also important. This includes receiving their insurance information so you can pass it along to your insurance company. Once you have the info you need, contact your insurance provider right away to report the accident. This is mandatory in many cases, and the sooner you file a claim the faster a resolution will be reached.

State Farm recommends some other important tips to remember when involved in an accident. Jotting down notes about what occurred will help you remember the details of the incident while they are still fresh in your mind. You should also refrain from apologizing for the accident, which can be construed as an admission of guilt. Instead, stick to the facts of the situation and be as polite and courteous as possible to any other parties. 


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