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How can advanced safety features protect you on the road?

Safety is a top priority when traveling on Colorado roads. Accordingly, many drivers are in search of vehicles that employ advanced safety features, which can offer a greater level of protection when behind the wheel. Many of these features go above and beyond in terms of conventional vehicular safety, especially when used in conjunction with other advanced systems.

A list of advanced safety features compiled by Consumer Reports shows just comprehensive these protections can be when it comes to lessening the risk of serious injuries occurring. For instance, automatic emergency braking is a crucial feature that can prevent an impact from occurring. There are other types of emergency braking features, including rear automatic braking, which prevents your vehicle from backing into objects.

Emergency braking systems typically work along with alert systems, such as warnings that are employed when your vehicle makes a maneuver. Warnings can be triggered when crossing lanes, backing up or even if a forward collision is imminent. Warnings can utilize many different types of technology, including sensors, lasers and cameras.

Avoiding a vehicle’s blind spots can be difficult, which is why many cars are now outfitted with blind spot protection capabilities. This can alert you in the event another vehicle breaches your blind spot and you are attempting to maneuver into that space (such as when changing lanes). Many blind spot protection systems also employ a supplemental warning when the turn signal is engaged. These extra layers of protection can go along towards a serious injury occurring to you or other drivers.









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