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How should I talk to my ex after a divorce?

For many couples in Colorado, maintaining a peaceful relationship post-divorce can be incredibly trying. However, it’s important to establish a healthy relationship after a divorce, especially when kids are involved. Although you may feel anger and sadness over the end of your marriage, being capable of compromise and understanding is crucial.

Accordingly, Psychology Today offers a few helpful tips on how to improve your relationship with your ex. Take into account how the legal process of divorce transpired. Were you or your ex-spouse needlessly cruel or spiteful in order to get the upper hand? If so, it’s important that an apology is made for any bad behavior in an attempt to clear the air. If not, you will most likely rehash old arguments again and again, which will prevent you from moving on to the next phase in your relationship.

Both parties should also take responsibility for the actions that led to divorce. It’s exceedingly rare that one spouse is solely responsible for the end of a marriage, even in cases where infidelity has played a role. To this end, you may need to sit down with your ex and make amends for any harmful or hurtful actions. While this can certainly be difficult, it’s important that you address any lingering issues.

Lastly, make every effort to keep your children out of any post-divorce battles. Kids should not be used as bargaining tools, and it’s crucial that they spend quality time with both you as well as your ex-spouse. You should also refrain from speaking ill of your ex in front of your kids. Not only will this alter their opinion of your ex, they might also take your words personally. 


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