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Does establishing paternity ensure child support or visitation?

Having a child in Colorado outside of wedlock may make some parentage issues complicated. If you have a child while unmarried or if your husband is not your baby's natural father, you may want to go through the steps to establish legal paternity. While establishing paternity does not by itself provide you with child support, it may make it easier for a court to order support sometime in the future. There are also several other potential benefits to establishing paternity.

Can you prevent divorce?

Couples in Colorado who are going through rough times may think the only option is divorce. Experts identify a number of signs that indicate a divorce may be down the road, but if couples recognize the signs and take certain steps, they can reverse the direction their relationship is going and hopefully prevent a split up.

Divorce and false allegations of domestic violence

The divorce process can be tough for many different reasons, from legal matters which involve kids (custody disputes, child support, etc.) to the potential career impact of ending a marriage. For some people, divorce can be an especially difficult process, especially when one’s former partner is very bitter and wants to shatter the life of their ex. For example, someone may falsely accuse their former spouse of domestic violence, and there are numerous reasons why this occurs. Sometimes, people want to gain an advantage in a custody dispute by falsely accusing their ex of this offense, while others may simply want to destroy their reputation and inflict suffering.

Ditching bad habits after a divorce

Divorce can be a very tough time in one’s life, but it can also be an opportunity for a fresh start. For example, people may have an easier time ditching bad habits that they struggled with throughout their marriage, and these habits may have even played a role in the breakdown of their marriage. From excessive drinking to a gambling or shopping addiction, overeating, watching too much TV or spending too much time online, there are many ways in which bad habits can be disruptive. However, when a marriage comes to an end, people may have an easier time quitting these habits. Unfortunately, divorce-related stress and negative emotions may also cause these habits to worsen for some individuals.

What are some deal breakers in marriage?

When you fall in love with a person it's natural to imagine a happy and peaceful life together. Unfortunately, the reality for many married couples is quite different. This is especially true when faced with certain deal-breaker issues, which might spell the end of your union. Live About explains some common marriage deal breakers and what they might mean for your relationship. 

How can I tell if my marriage is in trouble?

For Denver couples experiencing problems in their marriage, divorce might not always be an option. However, there are some signs that a marriage is headed towards its end, and it's important for couples to be aware of these signs so they can either take the steps necessary to save their marriages or prepare themselves for divorce. Business Insider explains some of the signs of a troubled marriage and why they often point to the possibility of divorce. 

Dealing with divorce as an older adult

Divorce can be tough for married couples regardless of their age, but for some people the divorce process can be especially challenging. For example, those who are much older may have a hard time dealing with various legal, emotional and financial issues related to the end of their marriage. If you are an older adult who is considering the idea of divorce or determined to end a toxic marriage, it is crucial to be aware of the different options on the table and take steps to work toward a better future.

Relocating after a divorce

Those who have recently divorced in Broomfield might find that relocating to another area will help them in moving on with their lives. The desire to put added distance between oneself and their ex-spouse is not outlandish; indeed, according to information shared by the U.S. Census Bureau, of those who relocate in the U.S. every year, 27.4 do so for family-related reasons. Yet moving away after a divorce becomes more complicated if one shares children with an ex-spouse. 

Divorce and your digital life

There are many issues to resolve in a divorce. If you have minor children, your most important considerations are likely the parenting plan and child support. Property division is also a key part of divorce, which could include a home, retirement assets and other items of significant value.

Forgiving your spouse after divorce

Marriages end for many reasons and people are often left with emotional scars following a divorce. Some may be upset with their former partner due to instances of abuse, while others may be bitter about how their ex handled issues during the divorce. People may also have emotional baggage over an affair or some other challenge that led to the breakdown of their marriage. It is understandable to struggle with these feelings, and the divorce process can be very draining and add to the negative emotions that someone experiences. However, some people have benefited from forgiving their ex and moving on.

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