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Divorcing parents of toddlers can help them to navigate divorce

Navigating the process of getting divorced can understandably be challenging for both adults involved. However, divorce can also take a toll on children, particularly toddlers. Fortunately, divorcing parents in Colorado can take a couple of steps to keep their children as emotionally safe as possible during this life-altering event.

Tips may help with informing spouse of desire for divorce

When an individual in Colorado is ready to end his or her marriage, one of the most defining moments of the process is breaking the news to the other party. Figuring out how to go about this can no doubt be confusing and even overwhelming. However, a few tips may help to make this stage of the divorce process easier.

Divorce process can pose emotional challenges for children

The process of getting divorced can understandably be difficult for both spouses to navigate from an emotional standpoint. However, a marital breakup can also pose major emotional challenges for the children involved, especially if parental conflict during the divorce is strong. Here is a look at how a conflict-filled divorce can impact children in Colorado.

Tips may help to promote healing during divorce

The process of dissolving a marriage is never a simple one from an emotional standpoint. This is particularly true if the other party is the person who initiated the divorce proceeding. However, a few tips may help individuals in Colorado to more confidently navigate the divorce process.

Here's how child custody works during divorce in Colorado

When getting divorced, it is natural for couples to fight over who will keep the marital home versus other assets. However, aside from property division, one of the biggest sticking points for many divorcing individuals in Colorado is child custody and parenting. Here is a look at how custody is handled during the divorce process.

Process of divorce can be challenging to navigate financially

The process of getting divorced can understandably be a trying experience emotionally. However, divorce can also be difficult to navigate financially. Here is a glimpse at how financial matters are generally handled during the divorce process in Colorado.

Certain moves can make divorce a more positive experience

The process of marital dissolution can no doubt take a mental toll on those going through it. However, divorcing individuals in Colorado can take steps to protect their and their families' mental well-being during this life-altering process. Here are a couple of important moves for making a divorce proceeding as positive of an experience as possible.

Tips might help couple to complete divorce more painlessly

Going through a marital dissolution can no doubt be mentally and emotionally challenging. However, it can also be financially difficult to navigate. Fortunately, a couple of tips may help divorcing individuals in Colorado to make the divorce process as painless and quick as possible.

Research shows divorce can affect mental, physical health

The process of getting divorced in Colorado can no doubt be difficult to handle from a financial standpoint. However, it can be just as challenging on a mental and physical level. In fact, recent research shows that people's mental and physical health will likely take a major hit during the months following the divorce process.

Splitting retirement accounts can be tough during divorce

One of the most challenging aspects of the marital dissolution process is figuring out how to disentangle assets. This is especially true for those who have retirement accounts, as it is not uncommon for people to make mistakes when splitting these types of assets. Here are a couple of important tips for dividing retirement assets during a divorce proceeding in Colorado.

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