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Nike in contract dispute with former designers

In Colorado, and everywhere else in the United States, businesses are based on contracts signed by those people or business entities involved. By signing the contract, signees agree to whatever is written in the contract. Failure to comply with the contract can result in disputes that often end in litigation. Contract disputes often arise when business partners fail to perform their duties or when employees, for example, fail to follow the rules and regulations written in their contracts.

Breach of contract can lead to business litigation

When business owners seal a deal, they usually sign a contract. A written contract outlines the responsibilities of both parties; failure to follow what is written can result in business litigation. Before a business owner signs a contract, he or she should thoroughly read its content to better understand the stipulations of the agreement. Both parties may also request revision of the contract before signing because doing can avoid costly litigation later.

How to avoid contract disputes for builders and contractors

When people want to remodel their home, they usually turn to contractors or builders. Here in Denver, Colorado, the relationship between a home owner and contractors is sealed by a contract that outlines the responsibilities of the contractors -- the length of time required to finish as well as the total costs. However, not all home repair or remodeling run smoothly. And when a home owner is not happy with the results, the owner often sues the contractors.

What is breach of contract and how should it be handled?

Business owners of both large and small businesses in Colorado know that everything will run smoothly as long as their business partners comply with what is written in their business contracts. However, in the real world, anything can happen. Unexpected occurrences can cause either partner to fail to meet the terms of the contract, resulting in a "breach of contract."

Microsoft accuses Samsung of breach of contract

In Colorado and anywhere in the United States, readers know that a contract is made when two people or entities decide to enter a business agreement. Before a business contract is signed, each party thoroughly studies the contract and requests revisions if needed. Both parties know that once the contract is signed, they must abide by what is written on the contract. Failure to do so can result in business litigation, which can be difficult to settle.

Contract dispute results in Marijuana business litigation

Business dispute can take many forms, from employee discrimination lawsuits to antitrust litigation. While the scope of business law is truly unlimited, one of the most common types of business-related disputes that arise involves contracts. Contract disputes, from allegations of breach to violations of licensing agreements, can have a significant financial impact on businesses. That is why it is important that Colorado companies address these matters aggressively and immediately.

Multnomah County sues Colorado business for breach

Business disputes occur every day in the United States. Among the many reasons for business litigation breach of contract is one of the most common. A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to fulfill their obligations under a legally enforceable agreement. When this occurs the party not in breach may decide to either have the terms of the contract enforced or seek financial damages for any harm suffered.

Contract dispute results in nearly $449 million arbitration order

As every Colorado businessperson knows, a contract dispute can be time consuming and costly. While the best way to avoid contract disputes is to have a well-drafted contract, sometimes even the best contract is vulnerable to dispute. When this happens, the best weapon may be a skilled and experienced business attorney and a choice to use a dispute resolution process like arbitration. Colorado readers may find the following contract dispute among two world famous businesses interesting.

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