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Virtual visitation can be a part of a parenting plan

Interacting with one's children can be difficult enough for parents who still live close to each other after the separation, but those parents, who relocate far away or to another state after the split, can be at a particular disadvantage when wanting to see their children. A new option for non-custodial parents is making headway in the area of child custody parenting plans. Virtual visitation may offer a solution to those parents who live too far from their children to physically see them on a regular basis.

Benefits of joint child custody

When married couples with children divorce, one of the most difficult factors to consider is what will happen with their children. After all, the children are the ones who are often the most confused, saddened and angry about the separation. In a home where both parents loved and provided for the children, the emotional tax can be even stronger. As couples find the need to dissolve their marriages, they would do well to consider child custody arrangements that benefit everyone, especially their children.

Child custody cases could give equal time to parents

A new trend is occurring throughout the nation to provide fathers more equal parenting time and rights to their children after a separation or divorce. In the past, mothers were typically given full custody of their children while fathers had only limited visitation rights. This new movement is good news for both fathers and their children as recent research has concluded that children typically do better when they are able to share time equally between both parents.

When it comes to child support, know what you are getting into

In our last post, we talked about an astonishing and extreme child custody case that spans the Atlantic Ocean. Today, let's talk about another critical aspect of divorce that also involves children: child support. This is often an overlooked, though still vitally important, factors in a divorce, and people need to realize what they are getting into when a child support agreement is in place.

Complex international custody case receives emergency motion

There are many Colorado residents who loved the show "Gossip Girl," and those fans are probably very aware of the custody problems that have faced one of the show's actresses. Kelly Rutherford was married to Daniel Giersch in 2006, but in 2008 they filed for divorce. By 2010 the divorce was granted, but for the following three years, the divorced parents fought over the custody of their children.

Can temporary orders make a permanent impact in a divorce?

When courts in Colorado determine child or spousal support, their approach is thorough, involving the consideration of many factors. Yet matters can arise in a divorce proceeding that require more immediate attention, such as temporary support or custody. 

How does a legal separation affect child custody?

In Colorado, a couple has the option of filing for divorce or for legal separation with children.  Spouses typically are no longer financially responsible for each other after a legal separation, save for any spousal support provisions in the decree of legal separation. Yet legally separated spouses cannot remarry until they actually divorce. Does that seem inefficient?

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