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Woman relinquishes custody of four kids for Occupy Wall Street

Families fracture for many different reasons - sometimes it's an amicable parting and sometimes it's one-sided. For one man in another state, the latter seems to have been the cause. Coloradans may have heard of this particular divorce and child custody case that is making national headlines, as it involves one of the past year's biggest movements: Occupy Wall Street. A woman who felt she needed to go participate in the New York protest left her four children and family for the movement and is now giving her husband full custody of her family.

Steven Spielberg: on being a child of divorce

The ways in which divorce affects our children are innumerable. Sometimes kids come out unscathed and other times children of divorce go through an incredible amount of emotional distress that can last for their whole lives. While they cope with the ordeal, they may not realize all you're doing to help them. Child support payments can go unnoticed by many kids who don't realize all that goes in a divorce. Coloradans may have seen the interview earlier this week when the "E.T. the Extra Terrestrial" director Steven Spielberg spoke up about how his parents' divorce influenced him in his adult life.

Coloradans take note: how you may be able to break a prenuptial

Colorado residents may have noticed that prenuptials have become increasingly more common over the last few decades. Couples are realizing how much their assets may be worth and that they may want some personal security in their marriage. They are not necessarily seen as cause for believing a marriage will end, but they are still regarded with sincerity in most cases. The contract often is an 'if-then' kind of agreement, but sometimes it is possible to get out of the previously agreed upon statutes, albeit rarely so.

"Twilight" star Peter Facinelli talks on being a divorced parent

Maintaining a relationship with your ex is often one of the most difficult things to do after a divorce, but can be crucial for your children's sakes. Recent news has reported on the divorce of "Twilight" star Peter Facinelli and previous "Beverly Hills 90210" star, Jennie Garth, and now the two are entering the somewhat treacherous land of co-parenting. The two are parents to three daughters, and Facinelli was recently discussing his experience of being a divorced father.

Child custody battle between surrogate and biological parents

In many cases, custody agreements are between father and mother, but there is one case recently that's making national headlines: a custody battle between father and mother-surrogate. Colorado residents may have heard of the case, where a man and woman agreed to have children years ago and now the eight-week-olds' parentage is being called into question.

Arnold Schwarzenegger hopes he'll be back with ex-wife someday

You may have heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger's infidelity and marriage troubles by now, but in case you haven't, his newly-released book "Total Recall" may get you up to speed. The celebrity and his wife separated a little over a year ago, just after his term in office as California's governor ended and the allegations about his son with their housekeeper came out. His then wife, Maria Shriver, reportedly waited until after his time in office was over to confront him about the affair.

Snooping on your spouse - when investigating becomes illegal

Going through is divorce is rarely easy, but it can become even more complicated when one party is doing some sleuthing into the other's private information. New sources say being unaware of privacy laws in Colorado could lead to charges against someone who is spying on their spouse. With all of this age's technology, it's become even easier to see where someone is or what they've been up to and the act of spying on someone using modern technology has landed some people in court.

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