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Denver Mediation and Arbitration for Civil Litigation Lawyer

Denver Mediation and Arbitration for Civil Litigation Lawyer

As a Denver mediation and arbitration lawyer for civil litigation, Wes Wollenweber’s focus includes:

  • HOA-related disputes
  • Employment disputes (emphasis on non-compete issues)
  • Construction disputes
  • Other matters involving commercial litigation

How Does This Work?

We work to engage, empower, and resolve.

Engage: True participation in the conflict resolution process.

The problem with civil litigation is that parties rarely spend money that they recoup, even after they come out the “winner.” Mediation stops the bleeding. It moves toward a permanent solution. But our requirement is that all parties come to the table with a true commitment to moving beyond the dispute and toward resolution.

Empower: Work through the conflict to move forward.

Legal disputes can be stifling, but when the parties truly commit to working through the key components of their dispute, it’s empowering. At the end of the day, you want to be heard by the other side, and when you are part of the process in finding a resolution, you become a problem solver, and the mediator simply facilitates.

Resolve: Put an end to the dispute.

Mediation, arbitration, and other forms of dispute resolution are catching the attention of cost-conscious litigators who understand the value of giving a voice to the parties while also putting an end to the dispute efficiently.

Contact Our Firm Today

With over 16 years of litigation experience, including many trials in state and federal courts, Wes hones in on the bona fide key issues.

At Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C., our mission is simple: to truly engage the parties in a discussion about the merits of each side’s position, reveal the true interests that can lead to resolution, and be empowered by the process to move forward out of the conflict.

If you select Wes as your mediator, we ask that you commit to giving your best effort to settling the case. And we will help you envision what life will look like with the dispute fully resolved.

“Conflict is not an abyss. With mediation, there’s a bridge we can cross if we truly want to move forward.”

– Attorney Wes Wollenweber of Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C.