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When Should You Hire A Business lawyer?

Starting and running a business is a significant and complex procedure.  A business lawyer should be hired to help you navigate the formation of a business, to review contracts related to your business operations, and to advise you on disputes that may arise as part of your business dealings.

What Qualifies As A Small Business?

Business size largely depends on the type of industry and geographic region in which the business operates. Section 121.201 of the Code of Federal Regulations contains the limits in both dollar amount and employee number for each specific industry. Generally, a business with $5MM or less of topline annual revenue would be considered a small business.

Does A Business Need Bylaws?

In order to register as a corporation in the State of Colorado, your business must have bylaws to govern the internal governance of the company.  Each state or jurisdiction has different governance.  Please consult one of our attorneys to help you understand your requirements and other entity formation or revision including, Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, or similar documents (including other amendments).

Is It Better To Register As An LLC?

An LLC is an excellent business entity option for a wide variety of industries.  Depending on your industry, geographic location(s), and business operations a specific entity formation may be better suited for your company.  There are a number of operational, tax, and other considerations that you should consider.  Contact us for a more in-depth conversation so we can understand your goals and to learn more about the advantages and/or disadvantages for each entity designation.

Do I Need An Attorney To Start A Business?

You are not required to have an attorney in order to start a business.  In the State of Colorado, a business can be registered through the Colorado Secretary of State’s website by an individual.  However, there are many different types of legal entities, and an attorney can help you determine the best type of entity to fit your company’s goals.  Contact one of our business specific attorneys to help guide you through the proper entity formation process.

What Is The Difference Between An Employee And An Independent Contractor?

In Colorado the determination of an employee and an independent contractor is determined by the facts of the particular relationship.  Colorado courts use the following factors to determine if an employer-employee relationship exists: 1) Did the employer select the employee?; 2) Was the employee paid wages; 3) Did the employer have the right to control the details of the performance?

An employer will typically have the right to control the actions or work of an employee.  Conversely, and independent contractor will likely not be subject to the control of the employer.

Do I Have To Provide Benefits To My Employees?

Companies are required to provide certain benefits for their employees, including providing worker’s compensation insurance at the expense of the company.  To better understand what benefits are required by a state or the federal government contact one of our business attorneys to help guide you through the process.

What Does “Piercing The Corporate Veil” Mean?

The term piercing the corporate veil refers to the legal standard that allows the officers and members of a business to be held personally liable for the actions against the business entity.  Ordinarily, an individual will be protected by the “corporate veil” and shielded from individual personally liability for actions of the company or the company’s employees.  In certain situations, the law allows a plaintiff to “pierce” the corporate veil and to hold the individual owner of a company personally liable for the company’s actions.

What Is The Difference Between A Partnership And A Joint Venture?

A joint venture involves two or more persons or entities joining together in a particular project. A partnership involves individuals who join together for a combined business.  Typically, in a     partnership, persons involved are co-owners of a business venture and their aim is making a profit.

What Is Involved In A Corporate Merger?

A merger or acquisition is when two companies combine to form one company for business reasons.  A merger typically occurs when one company purchases another company by buying a certain amount of its stock in exchange for its own stock.

Mergers and acquisitions can be a complex business situation and often require detailed understanding relating to stock or equity repurchases, redemptions, exchanges, conversions, common and preferred stock certificates, warrants, options, debentures, and any other securities.  By-laws and operating agreements of the company related to buyout clauses, business structure, noncomplete clauses, service contracts, audited and unaudited financial statements (balance sheets, profit and loss statements, related statements of stockholders’ equity and cash flow), business plans, business valuations, and performance reports are all important to a sale, merger, or acquisition of a business.  A good M&A team to help guide a company ownership or a board is important to achieving the desired defined success of a deal.

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