Accused Of A Criminal Offense? Get The Legal Representation You Deserve.

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If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, you have the right to an attorney. You deserve a strong advocate with the skills, experience and knowledge to defend your interests. Many aspects of your future may hang in the balance, from your liberty to your educational opportunities and job prospects to your ability to own and carry a firearm.

Seasoned Defense Attorneys With More Than Five Decades Of Combined Experience

At Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C., our criminal law lawyers are dedicated to standing up for the rights of those accused of crimes. Our defense team includes two former Adams County prosecutors as well as a former municipal judge. We have extensive experience handling all types of crimes — from DUIs to homicide — from all sides of the courtroom. Our more than 50 years of combined experience lends us the insight necessary to craft strong and compelling cases.

We offer initial consultations for those facing criminal charges. To arrange an appointment, call 303-395-4773.

We are seasoned trial attorneys who excel at crafting innovative strategies. At the same time, however, we are also skilled negotiators who will explore every angle to achieve a favorable outcome.

The Benefit Of A Well-Rounded Legal Team

Although our attorneys focus on particular areas of law, we also draw on a wealth of experience spanning multiple legal fields to develop innovative strategies. This collaborative approach is a distinctive benefit for our clients. Additionally, we are well-connected with investigators, expert witnesses and other professionals who can help bolster our clients’ cases.

We capably handle cases involving any type of criminal charge, including:

We have experience handling charges in both state and federal courts.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You

Many potential clients come to our office with questions about how we can help them and if they really need a lawyer to defend their rights. Following, we have answered in detail two common questions about how a seasoned attorney can help you navigate the legal system:

Will I need a lawyer for my criminal defense case?

Yes. Criminal charges are severe and might affect your future in terms of job opportunities, credit and life quality in general. A seasoned criminal defense lawyer knows what path to follow to defend your rights, lessen/dismiss your charges, or seek alternative sentencing to avoid jail time, according to the circumstances of your case. In addition, the moment you have a lawyer on board, they will talk with the relevant authorities on your behalf and will negotiate to protect your best interests.

Do I need an attorney at my arraignment?

The answer is also yes. It is also your right to have a lawyer with you but having legal representation prior to your arraignment is highly beneficial. For example, after analyzing your charges, an experienced attorney will explain the implications of pleading guilty or not guilty. At the arraignment, they can issue a bail request if applicable. Building a strategy for your defense starts during the early stages of the legal process. Let a reliable lawyer take care of your case.

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