Past Case Results

Appeals In the Interest of S.N.V., a Child, and Concerning C.A.T.

Outcome: Court of Appeals overturned an adverse ruling at the trial court level.

This appeal went up to the Colorado Supreme Court on a Motion for Certiorari — we opposed the motion and the Supreme Court denied Cert.

In RE the Parental Responsibilities of A.D., and Concerning Rueda

Outcome: Court of Appeals upheld our favorable trial court ruling.

We have prevailed in the Court of Appeals on a number of other issues (cases) that were not published opinions. Some examples: getting the Court of Appeals to uphold a district court’s order to eliminate nearly all contact between an abusive father and his daughters; remand of a district court’s order regarding maintenance based upon imputed income.

Our clients have enjoyed many successful outcomes after trial, arbitration and mediation. All of the domestic lawyers at CCB have gone to trial, arbitration and mediation on a variety of common family law issues as well as many unique family law issues. Cynthia Ciancio has tried hundreds of cases over the years, litigating nearly all aspects of typical and atypical divorce and custody situations. Our clients have enjoyed success in parental relocation cases, requests for sole custody or decision-making, valuation of unique assets and business interests, ordinary and non-ordinary division of property and debt. In many cases we have litigated the issue of maintenance – both for and against – with female and male high wage earners. We have successfully litigated contribution cases, cohabitation cases, common law marriages and protection orders. We often litigate contempt matters and post-decree modifications of orders. We have many clients who have used our services repeatedly over the years as their issues can sometimes go on for years. We have successfully preserved family assets and inheritances in cases where there is an issue of “separate” property.

While we have many successes, there is almost always no “winner” in a divorce or custody case. You may “win” some issues but that usually means you “lose” some issues. The courts tend to find a balance in their orders, as family law court is a “court of equity.”