Liquor Licenses In Colorado

Liquor licenses are valuable assets for many businesses. However, obtaining a license can be a complicated process. Experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel is critical for avoiding pitfalls and preserving your investment.

At Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C., located in Denver, Westminster and Breckenridge, we routinely guide businesses through the liquor license process. Our clients include large corporations as well as small businesses, including:

  • Retail liquor stores
  • Restaurants
  • Bars and taverns
  • Hotels
  • Movie theaters

We also represent clients seeking to obtain beer and wine licenses, tavern licenses, and hotel and restaurant licenses.

Skilled Legal Guidance At Each Stage Of The Process

The process of acquiring a liquor license involves several steps, and you will need guidance through each step. Each of these steps requires following and completing detailed and technical requirements. We understand effective strategies for navigating the hurdles that may arise.

The first step is completing the application. This is a technical process, which must be done just right, or the application will be rejected by the state or local liquor license authority. Getting the application right the first time will avoid delaying your project.

The applicant must then petition or survey the neighborhood surrounding the new license location to determine the needs and desires of the local community. This is another important technicality that must be done as a part of the licensing process. There are several professional companies that we work with for this part of the process to obtain accurate and complete results.

Finally, the applicant must appear at a public hearing before the liquor licensing authority. We are skilled trial attorneys who enjoy public speaking and appearing at hearings. We are your voice in the process and help guide you to the final result of obtaining your license.

Maintaining Compliance And Avoiding Violations

Once obtained, liquor licenses must be properly maintained. They are far easier to lose than they are to acquire. Our firm offers practical advice on how to maintain compliance and avoid potential violations.

Liquor license violations can lead to suspension or revocation, which in turn can threaten the vitality of the business. At Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C., in addition to assisting clients with the initial licensing process and ongoing compliance, we also represent businesses facing any type of liquor license violation. We are skilled at advocating for clients at show-cause hearings to try to protect your license and investment.

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