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What to expect when the unexpected occurs

If a negligent or reckless driver causes you injury, you may be in for a difficult recovery. In the immediate aftermath of a crash, however, few people know exactly what to do. No one plans to be in an accident. Accidents happen when you least expect it.

Below are three actions you can take to keep yourself calm and preserve your rights after a crash.

Divorce following the loss of a loved one

People choose to end marriages for various reasons, from infidelity to hostility over lifestyle choices and habits. Sometimes, the loss of a loved one, such as a child, parent, or even sibling, can have such a strong impact on someone that it affects their life in other ways, such as creating challenges within their relationship, which ultimately leads to a divorce. If you and your spouse are splitting up after one of your family members passed away, or you are considering divorce due to disagreements and hostility, it is essential to be prepared for any obstacles that may arise.

If you or your spouse recently lost someone you love, your marriage may be affected in a number of ways. Not only could emotional hurdles have arisen, but you might even be going through financial struggles. It is important to try to separate these emotions from other parts of your life, such as your marriage or your divorce case.

Drunk drivers put your life on the line

You may remember the first time you got behind the wheel of a car as a teenager. It was a thrilling and terrifying moment, and you may have marveled at your ability to control that machine with so little effort. Pulling too hard on the steering wheel took the car in a direction you did not intend. Too much pressure on the accelerator and the vehicle seemed to leap out from under you.

By now, you have learned how to control your vehicle and can probably do so without much thought. However, this may not be true of someone who has consumed even a small amount of alcohol. Drivers who chose to get behind the wheel after drinking place you and your loved ones in danger.

A primer on police drunk driving assessment tests

Slightly slurred speech, excessive giggles or a sleepy facial expression may hint that a person is tipsy, but it is hard to accurately assess someone's blood alcohol content without a blood or urine test. If you are hit by another motorist, you may suspect the other driver is drunk -- but how to be sure? 

There are several tests police officers use that indicate potential intoxication. If a drunk driver does injure you, field sobriety tests, breathalyzer results and chemical tests can all be used to substantiate your case. 

Your smartphone isn't the underlying cause of distracted driving

A number of factors may lead to a collision. Yet the primary concern for most drivers - with good reason - is distracted driving. While texting while driving and smartphone use are primary drivers of distracted driving, there are a number of behaviors that contribute to the staggering number of distracted driving injuries and fatalities on the road today. 

More than one way to drive distracted

Protecting your small business from sexual harassment claims

If you are like many small business owners, you may be more anxious lately about the risk of sexual harassment allegations in the workplace. The explosion of news stories detailing sexual harassment in various industries across the country may have made you worried about behavior and morale among your staff. 

The close-knit atmosphere of a small business can make allegations of sexual harassment more devastating. If your employees work closely together and interact with each other regularly throughout the work week, accusations of sexual harassment can create a disruption that can affect the entire company. Any sexual misconduct can also result in financial strain if the victim takes the matter to court.

What are counterfeit air bags?

After an accident, there are many things for victims and their loved ones to consider, such as heading to court to hold a reckless driver responsible and recovering from the wreck. However, there are unique circumstances that may warrant a closer look. For example, someone may have had counterfeit air bags during the accident, which failed to deploy and protect them properly. Fake air bags may not only increase the likelihood of a driver sustaining injuries in a collision, but they can result in death as well.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration draws attention to some of the dangers of counterfeit air bags when a motor vehicle crash occurs, and they have been installed in some makes and models of vehicles. Moreover, those who have taken their vehicle to a repair shop in order to have the air bags replaced may also be more likely to have counterfeit air bags. Some people have also bought counterfeit air bags online and installed them in their vehicles. The NHTSA states that fake air bags have been shown to cause different problems, such as releasing shrapnel while they are deployed and failing to deploy altogether.

Someone's night out should not lead to tragedy for you

It is usually not against the law to order a glass of wine while out to dinner and then drive home. Yet even if a driver has a BAC less than the legal limit, a driver's fatigue, prescription medication and other factors can mean even one alcoholic drink before driving is not a good idea.

You do not have to be above a .08 BAC to be driving under the influence. It always pays to be careful on the road, so below we have outlined some ways to spot a drunk, drugged or tipsy driver.

Workplace accidents and the end of marriage

When someone is hurt while doing their job, they may face a variety of problems, from intense physical pain to concerns about the future of their career and stress over filing for workers’ comp. Aside from the physical and financial consequences associated with workplace accidents, these incidents and the problems they cause can also place emotional strain on a worker and his or her loved ones. Sadly, this can result in additional hardships, such as a spouse deciding that the time has come to end the marriage. If you were hurt at work and are facing a divorce, you should try to prepare yourself for various challenges that could lie ahead.

Sometimes, a marital partner might decide to bring the marriage to an end because their spouse is angry or depressed due to a workplace mishap that left them hurt and changed their life in various ways. Not only are work accident victims sometimes unable to continue working in their field, but they might be affected in other ways, such as not being able to participate in certain hobbies and activities or handle responsibilities around the house. Moreover, being unable to work can lead to serious financial difficulties which can place even more strain on a relationship.

Your children may face burdens during divorce

Going through divorce means that you will have to address many questions, carry out numerous tasks and face various challenging scenarios. Because the process can prove difficult and time-consuming, you may feel as if you must put your life on hold for the time being until details of your marriage dissolution get sorted. Of course, you may also have considerable concerns regarding how your children will deal with the divorce.

Even though children often have substantial resiliency, you and other parents may want to remember that they are just kids. Some individuals may not give it much consideration, but divorce can place unnecessary burdens on children that parents may not immediately recognize. Therefore, you may want to remember to ensure that your children do not feel the need to take on responsibilities meant for the adults.

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