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Motorcycle accidents during the Fourth of July

Motorcycle crashes happen at all times of year and there are many seasonal hazards, such as ice on the roads in the wintertime, that can make an accident more likely. During the summer months, many people enjoy taking their motorcycles out, especially on the Fourth of July. Although this can be an excellent way to celebrate the holiday, it can also result in a fatal collision or a crash that leaves a motorcyclist with devastating injuries. It is crucial to be vigilant if you plan on riding around the holiday.

The Fourth of July can bring an increased likelihood of a motorcycle crash for various reasons. First, many roadways see an increase in the amount of traffic due to the holiday, especially in certain areas (such as cities which have a popular firework display). It is crucial for motorcyclists to keep an eye out for reckless drivers and also realize that many people get behind the wheel while intoxicated on this holiday. From parties to family celebrations, some people drink or consume drugs and put lives at risk.

Mythbusting emergency restraining orders

There are about 15 calls to U.S. domestic violence hotlines per minute, according to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. That means tens of thousands of people fear for their safety every day from a romantic partner or parent.

With those kinds of numbers, it is no wonder Colorado courts take emergency orders of protection, sometimes known as restraining orders, so seriously.

Paying child support after a medical emergency

Many people have experienced difficulty paying the child support they owe. Often, people find themselves in this position following the loss of a job or a decrease in their work schedule. However, this is not the only reason parents fall behind on child support. Sometimes, a medical emergency can make it incredibly difficult to stay current on these payments, especially if the health crisis was not anticipated at all. However, it is crucial for a parent who is facing these challenges to know what their options are and stay caught up on their child support obligations.

Medical emergencies take a variety of forms and can interrupt a person’s life in all sorts of ways. Not only can hospital bills be extremely expensive, but there are other problems someone may face in this position. For example, they may not be able to continue working temporarily or permanently, which can make it even more difficult to pay child support. Moreover, someone may experience financial challenges because they have helped one of their loved ones out while they were facing a health-related crisis.

Opioid use becoming more of a problem on Colorado roads

Signs of suffering from the opioid epidemic are everywhere, and Colorado is no exception. In 2017, 357 residents died from an opioid overdose. Recent attempts to curb opioid abuse in Colorado include a lawsuit against drug companies responsible for marketing opioids to doctors and a $1.8 million campaign to de-stigmatize opioid addiction.

There are many reasons to help people suffering from opioid addiction get help. One of those reasons is the increasing number of car accidents involving illegal and prescription opioids.

Financial problems and unpaid child support

In a post that was recently published on our blog, we discussed how those with unpaid child support may not be able to receive a passport in the U.S. However, there are many other angles to consider with respect to child support payments and various consequences that parents may face when they fail to meet these obligations. From a financial standpoint, child support can be overwhelming. Not only do parents struggle to stay current after losing a job or suffering a health crisis, but the financial impact of failing to make payments on time can be devastating and make life even harder.

A parent who does not pay child support may have their wages garnished and struggle with high levels of anxiety. Moreover, they may be taken into custody, which could affect their employment. Furthermore, a person who owes back child support may have his or her tax refund intercepted, which can lead to additional financial complications. Many parents who are experiencing financial hardship plan on using their tax refund to get caught up on various debts and obligations and the interception of a tax refund can make daily life significantly harder.

Separation or divorce: What you need to know

In the early days of your relationship, you took pride in knowing everything there was to know about your partner. Now all you know about your partner is that you need space apart. Space can be helpful, and it doesn't mean that you're headed down the path toward legal separation or divorce. Many couples who take a break simply need to spend time away from their partner to remember why they chose them in the first place.

Wondering about separation vs. divorce?

Applying for a passport with back child support

Falling behind on the child support you owe may complicate your life in all sorts of ways. Many people realize the seriousness of the threat of being taken into custody, sustaining damage to one's reputation and financial penalties such as the interception of a tax refund. However, back child support may create a number of other challenges in your life. For example, you may not be able to obtain a passport in the U.S. if you owe a certain amount of unpaid child support.

Losing your eligibility to secure a passport could create a variety of problems in your life. Whether you intend to travel for sightseeing purposes or had plans to head overseas on a business trip, unpaid child support could completely derail these plans. If you have been planning a vacation for a number of years or were hoping to travel on an important work-related trip, this can be devastating.

Can dispute resolution clauses prevent employee litigation?

You want to ensure that your employees have what they need to do their job well, and you want them to be loyal to your Colorado business. You definitely don't want disgruntled employees who will file frivolous lawsuits, wasting your time and money and putting your company's good reputation at risk. Although you cannot keep everyone happy all the time, you can make it difficult for an employee to take you to court over an issue that you could have resolved, had you been given the chance.

The American Arbitration Association explains that you can include an alternative dispute resolution clause in your employment contracts. Any or all of these three ADR methods may be right for your company:

U.S. performs poorly in traffic safety

A study involving 29 countries around the world did not paint a positive picture for U.S. drivers. While the large majority of countries involved in the study saw a decrease in motor vehicle deaths from 2010 to 2016, the U.S. experienced a sharp rise. Of the five countries whose death toll rose over that time, the U.S. had the largest rate increase at more than 13 percent.

The International Transport Forum research also looked at pedestrian deaths and cyclist deaths, as well as traffic fatalities. The U.S. performed poorly in each area. Pedestrian deaths rose nearly 40 percent and cyclist deaths nearly 35 percent. Taken together, the numbers show that the U.S. is falling further behind other nations when it comes to prioritizing transportation safety.

How can I protect my business assets during my divorce?

If you are facing a divorce and own your own business, there are special considerations that you must take into account while dividing up your marital property. Even if you started your business prior to your marriage, you probably won’t be able to just walk away with all of your business assets.

Contributions from marital resources made to your business during your marriage intertwine your personal and business assets. This makes both subject to division during a subsequent divorce. Just like with your home, you need to deal with business valuation and taxation aspects during the property division process.

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