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What impact will self-driving cars have on drunk driving?

Too many people are injured or killed in alcohol-related car accidents every day. While there are many alternatives to drunk driving, people still choose to do so. Not everyone can afford to take an Uber home, so they result to driving while drunk. A DUI charge is much more expensive than the cost of an Uber or taxi.

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs puts your life and others at risk. As self-driving cars will be taking over the roads in our near future, could they be what we need to end drunk driving once and for all?

Modifying your spousal support order

Divorce can bring a number of stressors into the lives of those who decide to split up, but these challenges can be mitigated by carefully going over the ins and outs of the situation and knowing which way forward is best. For example, someone who is facing hardships due to losing a job or a health problem may have a hard time paying their spousal support. However, they could be able to have their spousal support order modified, which would help them stay current and avoid penalties. If you are considering this route, it is essential to have a solid understanding of what to expect.

If you have experienced major financial changes in your life, you could be struggling with a variety of challenges each day. Worse, you could be unable to pay the spousal support you owe and you may be facing other financial issues related to family law (such as having trouble paying child support, for example). It is vital to know which options may be on the table for you and take advantage of any resources that you have. After all, if you stop paying spousal support your life may become even more complicated due to the various penalties associated with back spousal support.

Child support can be intercepted from more than your paycheck

Owing child support may become a consuming burden. Though you worked hard to make payments, your expenses prove too great, and you begin falling behind in your support. Most often, a judge orders a percentage of your income to pay for child support upon your divorce. However, if you cannot pay, Colorado laws state that your biweekly earnings may not be the only income subject to interception.

New breathalyzer may be able to detect marijuana on breath

Law enforcement currently detects THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, through a blood or urine test. This poses several problems when someone is pulled over for driving under the influence, however.

THC dissolves in fat and remains in the body for long periods. Frequent users may feel perfectly normal yet test for a high amount of THC. In Colorado, this has led to significant debate over whether there is any measurement like blood alcohol concentration that can provide a guideline for impairment.

New study shows Colorado is the second worst state for road rage

For many, driving on the road can be a stressful activity. Drivers who have to endure hours of waiting in their cars for traffic to move or follow a slower vehicle can start to feel infuriated. When it evolves into full road rage, they make irrational decisions that put the other drivers on the road at risk.

Unfortunately, Colorado has had an excessive amount of accidents occur from road rage in recent times. A study from the Fatal Analysis Reporting System shows that in 2016, Colorado had the second highest percentage of fatalities from road rage and aggressive driving. Motorists should be aware of the state's road rage frequency to properly prepare themselves for any future aggressive drivers.

When your ex refuses to pay child support

In a recent blog post, we looked into some of the consequences of unpaid child support as well as some ways that non-custodial parents who find themselves in this position can get caught up on their payments. There are a variety of reasons why some people cannot pay child support, some of which may be out of their control (job loss, etc.). However, they should do all they can to stay caught up, even during these hardships, and they may have different options such as child support modification. Unfortunately, some non-custodial parents do not prioritize staying current on the child support they owe and some simply refuse to pay what they owe.

Aside from financial challenges, some parents refuse to pay child support because they are bitter about a divorce or believe that they are being asked to pay too much. Moreover, some may be irresponsible and find difficulty in satisfying their financial obligations. As a custodial parent, this can make your life quite hard on a day-to-day basis. For example, you could be struggling to feed your child or provide them with clothes and the supplies they need for school.

3 jobs with high rates of drowsy driving

When it comes to drowsy driving accidents, truckers are often most associated with it due to their long hours operating on the road. However, there are numerous jobs out there that present high risks of workers falling asleep behind the wheel. These types of positions operate at odd hours and go well beyond the average 40 hours per week.

Recently, insurance comparison shopping website Insurify ranked the top ten occupations with the worst drivers. They made the ranking by accounting for how many people out of 1.4 million car insurance shoppers had a driving incident on their record for the past seven years. While some of these positions may require travel, there is not one job focused solely on driving such as truckers or cab drivers on this list. It is essential to know the risks these drivers could present to you on the road after their shift is done.

How to manage work during a stressful divorce

Divorce is not something that just happens in a courtroom. It effects every aspect of your daily life and can negatively impact your career.

In fact, work was probably a focal point of your marriage in many ways. You may have worked overtime to afford a family vacation or little extras at home. You most certainly shared your work-related successes and stresses with your estranged spouse. The last thing you need while going through divorce is to become bitter, angry or set your career back.

Back child support and your passport

People often realize that failing to pay child support can lead to many different hardships in life, from those which are financial (tax refund interception, etc.) to being arrested. However, there are a number of other ways that back child support can derail your plans and turn your life on end. For example, you could be unable to obtain a passport if your unpaid child support exceeds a certain amount. It is important to be aware of the different ways in which your life could be upended if you fail to stay caught up on your child support obligations and go over your options in the event that you do fall behind.

Being unable to obtain a passport could interrupt a vacation that you have been planning for years, or it could get in the way of your ability to attend a wedding or another important event. Moreover, it can take quite a while before you regain eligibility to receive a passport, so you should start looking into how you can get caught up if you are going through this at the moment. Payment plans help some parents who owe unpaid child support resolve their obligations, but this may take a while.

Is Denver's infrastructure failing bicyclists?

Bicycle safety advocates in Denver say there is a public health crisis in the city.

As of July, 2018, 29 people have been killed navigating the city either as pedestrians or as bicyclists this year. There are improvements that need to be made, but concerned citizens say that nothing is getting done. One of the biggest reasons that people are being injured or killed in Denver, say those advocates, is the poor design of the streets. Fortunately, repairs and improvements can make it safer for people to cycle around Denver and to walk down the street without getting hurt.

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