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What are the most dangerous holidays for drunk driving?

Drunk driving is a danger to motorists any time of year, but there are certain days in the calendar where this reckless behavior tends to spike.

There are six major holidays that tend to be the most dangerous on the road, and three of them are coming up soon.

Will divorce mediation work for you?

You may have heard of divorce mediation, but are not sure how the process works. You also may be unsure if it is right your situation.

Although mediation is not for every divorcing couple, it is a good option for many, particularly if you want to keep the process from dragging on or getting too expensive. Here are some things you may want to know about divorce mediation.

Bicycle safety at night

Riding a bicycle can be dangerous at any time, but some instances make it especially risky. For example, biking on the road or near traffic can result in a collision that proves fatal or leads to a devastating injury. Moreover, riding a bicycle near traffic at certain times, such as foggy weather or during the night, can be even more dangerous because of the poor visibility. As a bicyclist, it is vital for you to do what is necessary to protect yourself on the road and reduce the chances of a crash.

For starters, it is important to wear a proper helmet and ensure that you avoid traffic. For example, some areas may have bike trails near the road and these may be safer to ride on. You should also wear reflective clothing so that drivers have an easier time seeing you, which may help them avoid you. In fact, it may be a good idea to stay off of the road at night altogether and ride your bicycle when the chances of an accident are lower.

Even low-speed car crashes can be dangerous

When some people think of devastating car crashes, they may picture collisions which occur at high speeds. While these accidents are extremely dangerous, of course, it is important to remember that even when crashes take place at relatively low rates of speed, the outcome can be terrible. Low-speed accidents can leave drivers and passengers with injuries, some of which can be very serious, and they can also lead to the loss of life. As a result, it is crucial for drivers to be vigilant whenever they are behind the wheel, even if they are driving slowly.

A low-speed car accident may take place in a number of ways. For example, a pedestrian could be struck by a car during Halloween when a driver fails to notice someone who is trick-or-treating. Or, a car that is traveling slowly may strike a bicyclist, knocking them off of their bike. Even at low speeds, pedestrians and bicyclists may be hurt and face serious consequences following the wreck.

What happens to my retirement savings during a divorce?

You spend decades building a dependable retirement nest egg, and if you're facing a divorce there are likely numerous questions and concerns you have about protecting those accounts. Your retirement savings represents a significant investment in your future. The prospect of divorce can suddenly create an environment where it can feel like more than your money is at risk, but your future retirement as well.

Knowing what to expect, how these accounts may be handled as part of property separation, and how to defend against an unnecessary tax burden is step one.

For many divorcees, their savings, 401Ks, IRAs and other retirement or employee benefit plans can be one of, if not the, single largest asset they own, and like any other marital property, these accounts are subject to rules of property and asset division in the State of Colorado. Handling the proper division of these accounts in a complete and fair way can be complicated, particularly in cases involving professionals who may have more significant and diverse holdings.

If you are working through a divorce, then your attorney is the best person to speak to about the specifics of your case and how to protect your savings. However, those conversations can be improved by educating yourself on some of the important terminology and considerations that your attorney is likely to discuss with you.

With that in mind, here are three things to be thinking about in preparation for conversations about division of retirement accounts during your divorce.

Driving with tunnel vision

On the road, there are all sorts of reasons why drivers can pose a serious threat to their own safety and the safety of everyone else. Alcohol intoxication, sleepiness and the use of a phone are just some of the ways in which drivers exhibit careless and reckless behavior. However, some people may have an increased chance of causing an accident due to vision issues, such as those who have tunnel vision. Tunnel vision can be especially dangerous because it involves the loss of peripheral vision, which can be vital when it comes to avoiding an accident and being aware of hazards on the road.

From glaucoma to cataracts and drug use, there are many reasons why a driver may suffer from tunnel vision. Moreover, someone may have temporary tunnel vision, which can be especially dangerous since they may not have been expecting these visual challenges and may have even more difficulty driving. Either way, anyone who is experiencing visual disturbances that could affect their driving abilities should stay off the road.

What is an attractive nuisance?

Your worst nightmare as a parent may be to have your child ignore your warnings about avoiding dangerous situations and suffering a serious injury or even death because of it. Yet how can you blame them; they are kids, after all, and they lack the knowledge and experience to discern what might be dangerous and what is not. A swimming pool, a drainage canal or an abandoned building may seem to them to be exciting attractions, when you know that they can potentially cause serious injuries if kids are allowed to play in such areas unsupervised. 

The aforementioned attractions are known legally as "attractive nuisances." The term is applied to them due to the dangers that they pose while also recognizing that they may attract unsuspecting children. The concept of the attractive nuisance was first applied to railroad turntables. Kids would enter rail yards to play, only to be injured on the turntables. This lead to the creation of "the turntable doctrine." As more attractions were recognized as posing dangers to kids, the concept evolved into "the attractive nuisance doctrine." 

Can a business owner face personal liability for negligence?

Anyone who has ever made a major purchase on credit, signed onto a mortgage or dealt with a service company knows what "breach of contract" is all about. If either party fails to live up to the terms and provisions of the contract (either in letter or spirit), the other party may seek restitution through the courts. Compensation may include more than just the dollar value of the financial losses, but may incorporate damages for future financial losses, legal fees, pain and suffering for injuries/death and under specific circumstances, even punitive damages.

But can breach of contract actually considered a form of "personal negligence" under our civil laws?

Looking at office-related injuries

When people think of work-related injuries, they may picture people who are hurt while working in a dangerous occupation. For example, they may envision an injury that occurs on a construction site. However, it is important for people employed in all fields to keep in mind that although many jobs may seem relatively safe and free from the risk of suffering a workplace injury, various hazards may be present. For example, someone employed in an office may be hurt after tripping on a cord, falling on a wet surface or some other type of accident.

Aside from unexpected accidents that occur abruptly, some people may also become injured due to long-term actions. For example, someone may suffer a repetitive strain injury due to typing for many years or bending over repeatedly. These are just some examples of how people are hurt in office-related injuries and the consequences can be severe. Someone who is injured in any type of work-related incident may suffer financial consequences due to hospital expenses and being forced to take time off work. Moreover, the emotional toll of these accidents can be staggering.

Filmmaker fails to pay royalties during divorce settlement

In recent news, a divorce is off to a rocky start as two famous film producers battle over an agreement. Michael Moore, a well-known filmmaker, is being accused of failing to pay royalties. Ex-wife Kathleen Glynn, an award-winning television producer, is petitioning for arbitration.

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