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Parents' grounds to sue questioned in Colo. wrongful death suit

In a case that has made national headlines, a Colorado woman is presumed dead after going missing on Thanksgiving Day. Approximately one month after her disappearance, authorities arrested her fiance, charging him with her murder despite the fact that her body is still missing. The charges against the one-time fiance include two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of solicitation, as authorities allege that he attempted to hire someone to kill the woman months before her eventual disappearance.

In addition to the criminal charges, the woman's fiance now also faces a wrongful death lawsuit that the woman's parents, who live in Idaho, have brought against him in Colorado federal court. However, the fiance's defense attorney has requested that the court dismiss the lawsuit, claiming that it has no merit because the woman's parents do not have grounds to file a wrongful death suit under Colorado state law.

How can school help your kid after a divorce?

According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Colorado is highest divorce rate in the country. While the numbers have gone down significantly within the last decade, there will still be plenty of difficult separations in 2019 bound to affect thousands of families.

The first three months of the year tend to be the most popular times for couples to break up, so many children will soon go to one parent’s home after school. It’s frustrating for divorced parents that they cannot comfort their children during some of the most crucial parts of the day during this difficult period. To make sure that your kid is adjusting properly, you should consider looking into different opportunities offered by the child’s school to help them cope with the separation.

Why are millennials divorcing less?

While the last few years have seen much publicity about the differences between millennials and older generations, there's a trend among 20- and early 30-somethings that hasn't received much attention: Millennials are divorcing at a lower rate than their parents.

A changing institution

Improper footwear and car accidents

From the use of an electronic device while driving to drug and alcohol intoxication, negligent drivers exhibit many different dangerous behaviors while they are on the road. However, some may cause an accident due to an unexpected problem. For example, someone’s footwear may get in the way of their ability to drive properly, which could cause an accident in various ways. Sadly, these accidents can be extremely devastating regardless of what causes them, and it is crucial for the victims of these crashes to explore legal options.

People may drive wearing shoes that are too big or too small, which could affect their ability to use the brakes and gas pedal appropriately. Some shoes, such as flip-flops, may actually directly cause an accident. For example, someone wearing flip-flops may find that their sandal has become stuck in the gas pedal, causing them to accelerate forward rapidly and slam into another vehicle. Moreover, some shoes, such as very large boots, can make it difficult for a driver to apply the brakes or use the gas pedal properly.

High flu rates means more dangerous drivers in Colorado

Recent studies indicate that Colorado has some of the highest influenza rates in the nation. The flu spreads rapidly during the peak of winter, so more workers might be calling in sick in the next few weeks.

As much as these people want to be active even when they are sick, it’s best that they stay home and get some rest for the sake of themselves and others around them. While most people would likely think it’s to prevent spreading the infectious disease to others, flu victims have a much worse way of hurting someone if they get in the driver’s seat. While you may insist that you are still good enough to drive on your own, here are some reasons you should consider otherwise:

Colorado lawmakers want both hands, both eyes on the road

We all know how dangerous distracted driving is. We hear almost daily about the danger of using your cell phone while driving. Still, drivers routinely text, drive and check their phones while driving.

Some Colorado lawmakers want to change this behavior. To do so, they have proposed a bill that would make using anything other than a hands-free mobile device a traffic violation.

Motor vehicle accidents on construction sites

Traffic accidents happen in many ways, from crashes on the freeway involving semis to head-on collisions at intersections. However, some accidents happen on private property or other circumstances that are less common. Moreover, they may be especially likely in certain situations, such as road construction zones and construction sites in general. There are different ways in which motor vehicle accidents can occur on construction sites and it is crucial to be aware of these risks if you are employed in the construction industry.

Aside from road construction, which involves many different accident risks on a daily basis, workers in various types of construction trades may face dangers related to motor vehicle accidents. For example, someone may be struck by a truck while working because the driver was backing up and did not see the worker. Or, a truck may be hauling equipment or material that is not secured properly and it may fall on someone while they walk by. Someone may even be struck by a co-worker who is trying to drive to work in the early morning hours.

When to watch out for drunk drivers in February

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s rarely anyone’s favorite. Studies show that for decades, most Americans often view the second month as the worst one of the year. Many have had enough of the dark, sunless days or the inconvenient colder weather and just want to move on to spring.

The general hatred people have towards the month should be enough to warn cautious drivers to keep an eye out for drunk drivers the road, but the month is more dangerous than most Colorado residents realize. Even though many do not consider it a joyful month, there are still certain celebrations people have around this time that encourage the consumption of alcoholic beverages. They may not be close to Christmas or Thanksgiving levels of danger, but motorists should still be careful when they drive on these specific nights:

Angry drivers and car crashes

When a driver is experiencing strong emotions, such as severe depression, they may be more likely to drive erratically or cause an accident. Anger is one emotion which can be very dangerous on the road and many people struggle with road rage from time to time. Aside from road rage, a driver may be angry for any number of reasons and this can significantly increase the chances of something going wrong. If you ever feel angry behind the wheel, it is crucial to be aware of your feelings and focus on road safety. If necessary, you may need to get off the road.

Sadly, some drivers completely disregard this and cause an accident because they are so upset. Angry drivers may drive much faster than the speed limit and they may fail to abide by other traffic safety laws (such as stopping at a stop sign). Drivers may become angry for many different reasons, from finding out that they have lost their job, or their partner was having an affair to an incident that just occurred on the road. For example, someone may feel that they were disrespected while driving or they may become furious with another driver’s behavior (such as driving too slowly).

Before you open a restaurant: how to avoid liability and lawsuits

Perhaps you have a special recipe or a unique idea for a restaurant that you know people will love. All you have to do is find the perfect location, purchase the necessary equipment, supplies and decor, and open your doors to the public, right? Actually, there are a number of things you need to take care of first in order to protect your personal finances and your business from litigation. At Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C., we often provide advice to clients on starting a restaurant business.

When it comes to personal liability, explains that your business structure may provide the protection you need. While a sole proprietorship or partnership may be simpler to set up, a limited liability company or a corporation structure will place most or all of the liability with the business and not with you personally. So, if a creditor, employee or injured customer sues your business, your personal assets are safe.

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