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Red flags that indicate a marriage may end in divorce

The decision to get a divorce can be overwhelming for many Colorado couples. The process might be easier for many if there was one sure sign that divorce was the best option. Usually, there are many factors at play. Here are a few red flags indicating that a marriage could be heading for divorce.

When one or both of the spouses find themselves wanting to stay out of the home, perhaps staying late at the office or spending a lot of time at friend's houses, in order to avoid their mate, this is not a good sign. If a person is filled with anxiety or dread when they hear the front door opening because their spouse has just arrived home, this could indicate problems in the marriage.

Your drug possession defense strategy can prevent a conviction

A drug possession conviction can impact your life in many ways. From community service to prison time, there's no shortage of potential penalties.

If you find yourself heading to court to defend yourself against drug possession charges, it's critical to implement a defense strategy to help prevent a conviction. Here are several of the most common:

Utilizing negative input to strengthen business strategies

Businesses are often the recipients of a consistent flow of feedback that comes from customers, investors, competitors and even management within their own company. Analyzing this feedback and understanding its intent is critical for businesses to be able to improve and strengthen their image. For Colorado businesses who receive negative feedback, their ability to see the value in criticism may help them to discover areas where improvements can be made to better their strategy and ability to provide what their customers want. 

One of the most important steps that businesses should take when confronting negative criticism is to actively listen from an objective point of view. Listening intently and responding with inquiries where effort is made to understand the disgruntled party is imperative for a business to demonstrate their commitment to finding and implementing a solution. In situations where a business has received a particularly daunting piece of criticism, emotions may prevent them from responding respectfully and objectively for a period of time. This is when it is best for those who are responsible for responding to take a step back and articulate a thorough and cordial response before saying anything at all. 

What happens to your car in divorce?

Questions of "who gets what" during the divorce process are extremely common. While you're fighting tooth and nail to get everything you're entitled to, your soon-to-be ex-spouse is taking the same approach. This can result in disagreements, negotiations and compromise along the way.

It's important to know what happens to your car in divorce, as this will allow you to plan accordingly. For example, you may rely on your vehicle to get to and from work, so if you don't get to keep it, you'll have to arrange for another form of transportation.

Banning texting while driving decreases ER visits

Texting while driving is a serious issue in Colorado. Even with bans in place, many people may try to risk it by sneaking a quick peek at the phone and trying to type up a quick message on the highway. In 2014, Business Insider reported on a survey that found 98% of drivers with cellphones were aware that texting while driving was dangerous. Yet, three-quarters of them continued to engage in this behavior anyway.

Drivers gave the following reasons for continuing to use their smartphones despite the dangers of doing so while driving:

  •          Belief that their driving performance was not affected when they text and drive
  •          To stay connected with family and friends
  •          Fear of missing something important
  •          Self-reported texting addiction
  •          Development of a bad habit

It's never too late to create a postnuptial agreement

It's a common misconception that the only couples that create a postnuptial agreement are those concerned about the strength of their marriage.

Even if you're in a loving marriage that you believe will last forever, it makes sense to consider the benefits of creating a postnuptial agreement. It comforts both individuals, knowing that they're protected in the event of a divorce.

How can women prepare financially for divorce?

If you are a woman in Colorado considering or going through a divorce, there are many things that you must contemplate, including whether you can stay in your home or must relocate. When there are children involved, custody and support agreements need to be negotiated. And whether you have a successful career or are a stay-at-home mother, you no doubt have some concerns about your fiscal situation. You may be asking yourself, what can a divorcing woman to do ensure a safe financial future? 

It is vital for you to become as knowledgeable and empowered as possible about the economic state of your household affairs. Forbes magazine urges women to educate themselves about their finances prior to going through a divorce, if possible. This gives you time to prepare negotiations for the divorce process. (However, if you happen to be in an abusive domestic situation or have another reason to leave a marriage quickly, that should take priority.) 

Steps to protect yourself from liability as a business owner

Running a business is a great way to maintain control over your schedule and pursue your passion that can also allow you to support yourself and your family. Unfortunately, with all of the positive aspects of business ownership come risks that the general public never has to consider.

For example, when someone comes to visit your business, you could incur liability if they end up slipping and falling in the parking lot or as they enter the building. If you make a mistake in the production of a product or while performing a service for a customer, they may be able to bring a financial claim against you if they experienced property damage or physical injuries as a result.

Why should you buy an existing business?

When you decide that it's time to run your own business, you have two options. The one most people think of first is simply starting your own business. You can build it from the ground up, crafting it into whatever you would like it to be. This can be an exciting -- if daunting -- task.

The problem with starting your own company is that it takes a lot of investment -- in both time and money -- to make it profitable. Many businesses lose money for years before they start making it. Some never become profitable. It's something of a gamble, and it may not pay off in your favor.

No one is a good driver when they are drunk

Have you ever heard someone claim that they're a good drunk driver?

Maybe you went out to the bar and someone asked them if they were safe to drive when they picked up their keys to go home. You had seen how much they had to drink and could not believe they thought it was a good idea.

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