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A rear-end collision can cause significant injuries

One of the most dangerous types of crashes you can get into is a rear-end crash. It has the potential to push your vehicle into an intersection, into the vehicle in front of you or to pin your vehicle.

One of the main injuries people suffer from a rear-end collision is whiplash. However, whiplash is definitely not the worst potential injury. Others include burns from localized fires, crushing injuries from impact, lacerations and others.

Mediation may help resolve HOA disputes

Homeowners Associations are common in many areas of Colorado, and they often provide unique benefits to homeowners and communities. However, HOAs may also be frequent causes of strife, especially when homeowners feel certain rules or restrictions infringe upon their rights. While many disputes between property owners and HOA organizations end up in court, mediation may be a more efficient and satisfactory way to resolve issues.

The Denver Post explains that the relationship between HOA rules, state laws and property rights is complicated. According to the report, nearly two-thirds of the Colorado population lives under HOA governance. In fact, there are almost 8,000 registered HOAs in Colorado. There are state laws related to HOA governance, but many homeowners do not have a good understanding of how HOA enforcement works. There are also many cases where HOA regulations are not well-defined or easily accessible, so homeowners assume that the HOA governing body cannot or will not enforce them.

Talking to your teenage children about divorce

The prospect of divorce is always a challenging concept and each family has a unique experience. Divorcing spouses with teenage children will likely face distinct challenges because their children are old enough to understand what is happening to their family. This may bring about anger and resentment, so it is vital that you properly address the subject with them.

Before having a conversation with your teenage children, you should consider how to approach the topic. Every situation is unique, but by being mindful and empathetic toward your children's concerns, you will be able to successfully reassure them and ease any negative emotions that they are feeling. The following are some key considerations that you should pay attention to before having the conversation.

Does establishing paternity ensure child support or visitation?

Having a child in Colorado outside of wedlock may make some parentage issues complicated. If you have a child while unmarried or if your husband is not your baby's natural father, you may want to go through the steps to establish legal paternity. While establishing paternity does not by itself provide you with child support, it may make it easier for a court to order support sometime in the future. There are also several other potential benefits to establishing paternity.

You may find out details about Colorado's child support laws at the state's Department of Human Services website. According to the site, the key to establishing paternity when the baby's natural parents are not married is to have all relevant parties sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity form. This form is legally binding after 60 days. Even if you live with your child's father, establishing paternity is an important legal step toward giving your child certain rights. It may also enable you to receive child support if you need it in the future as circumstances change.

Genome testing can uncover shocking paternity results

Genetic research intended to reveal markers about hereditary illnesses has apparently had an unexpected — and profound — impact on some families.

According to data from the National Health Service (NHS) in England and Scotland, 10% of genetic tests reveal that the individual tested and their father are not a genetic biological match. After 220,000 screenings meant to identify the potential for Alzheimer’s and cancer in families, NHS officials find themselves in an increasingly awkward position. The genetic testing is undertaken for the sole purposes of delivering doctors with critical intelligence on patients more prone to cancer and hereditary diseases. However, researchers are now faced with the ethical decision to disclose or withhold family lineage findings.

Texting at the wheel is an awful lot like drunk driving

Two of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents have a lot more in common than it might seem at first. Impaired driving, also called drunk driving, has been an acknowledged scourge of safe roads for decades.

Distracted driving has also been a consistent issue, but thanks to the rise of social media and mobile phones, it is now more prevalent and obvious than ever before. On the surface, both distracted driving and drunk driving may seem irresponsible but very different. However, both of these behaviors have some interesting things in common.

Can you prevent divorce?

Couples in Colorado who are going through rough times may think the only option is divorce. Experts identify a number of signs that indicate a divorce may be down the road, but if couples recognize the signs and take certain steps, they can reverse the direction their relationship is going and hopefully prevent a split up.

According to Prevention, one sign of relationship trouble is that couples start to spend less time with each other and become less intimate. If one spouse is increasingly participating in activities without the other one, this can be an indication of infidelity or addiction issues. While arguing at times is common in a healthy relationship, it is a warning sign if a couple constantly fights about meaningless things. It is also a bad sign when communication starts to break down, or one spouse always controls the conversation.

Divorce and false allegations of domestic violence

The divorce process can be tough for many different reasons, from legal matters which involve kids (custody disputes, child support, etc.) to the potential career impact of ending a marriage. For some people, divorce can be an especially difficult process, especially when one’s former partner is very bitter and wants to shatter the life of their ex. For example, someone may falsely accuse their former spouse of domestic violence, and there are numerous reasons why this occurs. Sometimes, people want to gain an advantage in a custody dispute by falsely accusing their ex of this offense, while others may simply want to destroy their reputation and inflict suffering.

If you are working through the divorce process and your spouse has made similar threats or you are already facing these charges, you may be very worried about how this will play out and the different ways your life could be affected. From spending time behind bars to losing a custody dispute and suffering damage in your career, there are many potential ramifications you could face, and it is crucial to do all you can to prepare. We understand how stressful this situation can be, but there may be various strategies to consider and you should do all you can to prepare.

How do Colorado courts allocate parental rights during divorce?

When you choose to have children with your spouse, you probably don't think about what will happen if you eventually end your marriage. Most couples conceive their children when they still foresee spending the rest of their life with their spouse.

Unfortunately, circumstances and people can change, leaving you worried about how divorce is going to affect your relationship with your children. The good news for people in Colorado considering divorce is that the state typically wants to protect the relationship between the children and both parents when they create the final parenting plan.

Co-parenting apps cut through emotional triggers

For too many people, co-parenting tends to be fraught with frustration and communication breakdowns. For those who are annoyed the other parent isn’t responding to your texts or calls, that lack of cooperation probably highlights the reason you are not together. Stuff like that can also be a huge emotional trigger.

But at the end of the day, both of you want to be excellent parents who follow through. Whether that means knowing a child’s activity schedule or being on top of homework, most people want to do right by their children. Fortunately for people who get sidetracked by a strained relationship with the other parent, technology is coming to the rescue. These apps are helping everyday people enhance their co-parenting effectiveness while lowering stress.

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