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Is full strength beer coming to a grocery store near you?

Beginning January 1, 2019, Colorado will allow full strength beer to be sold at grocery and convenience stores. A law that passed relatively quietly in 2017 allows grocery stores, convenience stores and other establishments to sell alcoholic beverages containing more than 4 percent alcohol by volume.

That does not mean that all grocery stores will be allowed to sell full strength beer, however. There are still numerous restrictions for selling beer, including city ordinances. For businesses that are interested in these types of sales, it is important to understand how these laws intersect. 

How to prepare for a divorce

The New Year is a popular time for divorce, and if you and your spouse make the decision to start the process in Colorado you can, and should, start preparing now. Between getting finances in order and preparing emotionally, the more you do ahead of time the easier this already difficult change can be.

According to the Huffington Post, there are a number of things you can do to get ready for a meeting with a divorce attorney. One is to gather information about income, assets and debts. Collect bank statements, paystubs and tax returns to help determine spousal alimony and child support payments. Make a list of property, jewelry, artwork, vehicles and investments to help make asset division easier. 

Holiday road trips and auto accidents

Many people travel to visit their loved ones during the holidays, whether they fly across the country or drive to another state. This can be a stressful time of year for many reasons and it can be especially difficult when a motor vehicle collision occurs. Moreover, motor vehicle crashes are particularly likely to happen during the holidays for a variety of reasons. As a result, you should be careful when you go on a holiday road trip to visit family members, and even when you drive around your home.

On a road trip, people may come across unfamiliar roads that increase the chances of a crash. Or, they may be tired due to driving for many hours. Some people may even have heightened stress levels during this time of year, which can affect their driving abilities, and road conditions can worsen due to rain, ice and snow. On top of all these concerns, there are many reckless drivers who get behind the wheel after drinking during the holidays and the risk of a drunk driving accident is especially high.

Parking lot accidents increase exponentially in December

December is one of the worst driving months of the year. It has very little sunlight, frosty weather that make the roads slippery and holidays that send many travelers and drunk drivers to the streets together. However, it is not just the highways and county roads that increase in danger this month.

Studies by the National Safety Council show that there are roughly around 60,000 injuries and 500 deaths in parking lots and garages every year. A significant portion of those come from December, as parking lots are now more full than ever thanks to Christmas shoppers, travelers and holiday blockbusters. Before you take your trip down to the local mall, you should be cautious of the various hazardous drivers that may be in your way.

‘Nesting’: a new trend to provide kids stability after divorce

Divorce is often hard on everyone involved, but it can be especially difficult for children. In an effort to provide less disruption for the children, some divorced couples are trying ‘nesting.’ This creative approach to life after divorce involves the divorced parents sharing use of the family home and a studio apartment, taking turns caring for the children who remain consistently in the family home. When it is not a parent’s turn to stay in the family home with the children, he or she stays in the apartment. Essentially, the parents rotate houses instead of the children.

Benefits of nesting

Snowmobiles and traffic accidents

Many different vehicles are involved in traffic accidents, from large trucks to motorcycles and passenger vehicles. Some, however, are less common but still pose a threat to those riding in the vehicle and others on the road. For example, a scooter may be involved in a crash or a snowmobile, especially in colder parts of the country that see heavy snowfall during the winter months. With winter weather appearing around the U.S., it is important for people in colder locales to be mindful of these risks.

Snowmobiles can be especially dangerous on the road for many reasons. Sometimes, inexperienced snowmobilers may be unable to control their snowmobile or stay out of the way of traffic. Others may be trying to perform a stunt, such as a daredevil who aims to jump across the road on their snowmobile or drive far too fast. Moreover, someone driving a vehicle may lose control after going over ice or driving through a snow drift, causing them to slam into a snowmobiler.

How does legal separation compare to divorce?

You and your spouse may have decided that your relationship has come to an end and that it's time to move on. You may also be wondering exactly how you should tackle your impending split. Should you get a divorce mediator? Is divorce even the right option?

It's not the only option, at least. FindLaw takes a look at the difference between divorce and legal separation, a lesser known but equally valid option for people like you who have come to the end of a relationship. Divorce is good for those who want to remarry or who want to completely sever ties with their soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Dividing debt during your divorce

Colorado follows the “Equitable Distribution” theory to divide disputed marital property during a divorce. However, debt can be difficult to define and divide fairly during a divorce.

It might be easier to pick and choose who gets the coffee table, the television, even the car during a divorce than who gets the debt. No one wants to pay more than they must in this expensive and emotionally exhausting process. You may need an attorney to fight for what’s fair in your divorce.

The rush to divorce in 2018

Making the decision to get divorced is not generally something people in Colorado do quickly. Working through the process of getting to a final divorce settlement is also not commonly a quick or hurried thing. However, an imminent change to the United States Tax Code might actually be changing that for the near future.

According to Bloomberg, there may well be a significant rush to complete a divorce in 2018 seen not only in Colorado but across the nation. This rush is fueled by a major shift in how spousal support payments will be taxed starting with the calendar change from December 2018 to January 2019. 

Hangovers, workplace accidents and lawsuits

There are all sorts of considerations with regard to injuries sustained by workers while on the job. For example, an injured worker may struggle with medical costs, be unable to continue performing their job duties or have a lifelong injury following the accident. These are some of the challenges that workers face and these injuries can also be problematic for businesses as well. Moreover, they happen for many reasons, from dangerous working conditions to the negligent behavior of some workers. For example, some people may work while they are hungover after a night of heavy drinking, which can put their safety and the well-being of their co-workers at risk.

When a worker is hungover, they may be more likely to make a critical error or cause an accident that results in an injury. They may struggle to focus and face other challenges, such as a pounding headache, which not only interferes with their ability to perform their job properly but endangers the safety of those around them. Unfortunately, workers who are hungover may cause an accident that has a ripple effect throughout the company.

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