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Entertainment mogul uses business settlement to pay child support

Child support is a common issue in dispute between parents who have parted ways as a couple. When the parties are well-known, wealthy or both, this can be a public disagreement. For those who are involved in businesses where vast sums of money changes hands, it can be linked to the child support concerns and other aspects of family law. Such was the case with the entertainment entrepreneur Dame Dash.

Mr. Dash was embroiled in a dispute over child support for his children with two different mothers. He owed $950,000 in overdue payments. However, Mr. Dash was also dealing with a business lawsuit with film producer and director Lee Daniels. That lawsuit for $5 million stemmed from assertions that Mr. Dash loaned Mr. Daniels money for a film investment.

Use a parenting agreement to reduce future tension, arguments

When you decide to divorce, you know it will impact you, your ex and your children in a variety of ways. But rather than give in to this and hope for the best, you can create a parenting agreement that affords both parents the opportunity to have a clear understanding of their role, responsibilities and legal rights moving forward.

Creating a parenting agreement in mediation gives you more control over the process, as there is no family law judge making decisions on your behalf. Instead, it's up to you and your spouse to negotiate on child custody related issues and compromise when necessary.

How to ask for a prenuptial agreement without causing a stir

Your wedding day is closing in and you've yet to discuss the potential of creating a prenuptial agreement. It's your hope to talk this out with your partner, but you have concerns about bringing your thoughts and feelings to light.

It's natural to have these concerns, among many others, as asking for a prenuptial agreement is a big deal. Not only will it affect your partnership now and marriage in the future, but it could give the other individual reason to believe you're doubting your decision to tie the knot.

Prevent parenting time interference with clear expectations

Sharing custody or visitation rights with your child's other parent is almost always a difficult experience, even when everyone involved attempts to remain respectful of each other's needs and rights. The realities of sharing parenting time can flare tempers or bring out behavior that is simply not acceptable, especially when it comes to each parent's right to time with their child.

If you notice that the other parent does not respect your rights to time with your child, or acts like the rights and responsibilities outlined in your custody agreement are merely suggestions, they may be violating your rights as a parent. Courts take this seriously, and can step in to enforce your rights and punish the offending parent if necessary.

Peer pressure and drunk driving: It's a problem

There are people who drink and drive because it's what they want to do. There are also people who do this because of what's happening around them. Regardless of your age, peer pressure can make it difficult to say "no" to a drink, which can increase the risk of breaking the law.

Peer pressure is a particularly big problem among the younger generation, such as those who are in high school and college. These individuals are more willing to do whatever it takes to fit in, even if it means getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

Financial tips for women facing divorce

Divorce can lead to many financial challenges, and this is true for women in particular. Women already make less than men on average, and after a divorce, their incomes are more likely to drop than men's incomes, which often increase. At 27%, the poverty rate for divorced women is three times higher than it is for men. Women are also still awarded custody the majority of the time, and this can cause additional financial worries.

Women can prepare by making sure they have copies of important documents relating to the family finances, including bank statements, asset titles and tax returns. They might want to start an emergency fund in a separate account although they will be required to reveal the existence of this account at some point. They should also create a budget for after the divorce. If they were covered through a spouse's health insurance, they will need to figure out how to replace this. They also may need to determine how they will pay for new housing, including such expenses as utilities.

Divorce and retirement: Don't make a decision you'll regret

The divorce process requires you to review the finer details of your financial situation. From the money in your bank account to your family home to your retirement savings, any and all assets will come to light.

Depending on your age, it's easy to look at your retirement savings and assume you have better things to focus on. After all, you're many years away from leaving the workforce for good.

Common causes of large truck accidents

Colorado drivers know that truck accidents are more dangerous than typical crashes involving passenger vehicles. This is due to the size and weight of these large trucks. Unfortunately, accidents involving large trucks and passenger vehicles often lead to catastrophic injuries and even death.

Driver error is one of the main reasons why trucking accidents occur. Even though trucks are larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, those who operate these large vehicles make mistakes just like every other driver. Truck drivers may drive while they are tired, distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, the majority of accidents that involve large trucks are because of mistakes made by drivers of passenger vehicles.

Tips to raise children when their other parent is toxic

Co-parenting with a toxic ex-spouse may be challenging, but it might be possible for Colorado parents to raise emotionally healthy children after divorce if the parents are committed to it. In some cases, simply living apart may make it easier to deal with inappropriate or immature behavior from a former spouse. These tips might help a parent focus on their children instead of their ex.

The most important thing a divorced parent in this situation should do is set boundaries. A toxic ex likely knows how to push buttons. In order to reduce the possibility of conflict, a parent could limit the methods their former spouse has to contact them. For example, a parent might only communicate through email or text messages instead of by phone.

How to help your children cope with the challenges of divorce

Going through the divorce process has the potential to bury you in stress, tension and uncertain feelings about the future. While you're personally dealing with these concerns, it's critical to take into consideration the well-being of your children.

As an adult, you're familiar with the many coping mechanisms you can lean on to help yourself through this difficult time. However, the same can't be said for your children, so you must step in and provide them with the guidance they need.

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