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Can nighttime glare cause an accident?

There are a myriad of risk factors associated with traffic crashes, such as ice on the roads, speeding, and the use of a cell phone behind the wheel. However, other accident causes pose serious risks even though they are often not given as much attention. For example, nighttime glare may lead to a motor vehicle wreck. Whether you regularly drive at night or even occasionally take to the road during nighttime hours, it is pivotal to recognize some of the dangers associated with driving in the dark and focus on safety.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published a document on their site which covers the dangers associated with nighttime glare. The NHTSA points out that there are a number of ways in which nighttime glare can lead to a motor vehicle collision, which is why anyone who operates a vehicle during these times should be mindful of the risks they face. For example, a driver may be unable to see the road when the glare from another vehicle’s headlights interferes with their vision. Moreover, there are certain situations in which nighttime glare is especially problematic, such as on unlit two-lane roads. Not only can unlit two-lane streets be harder to drive on at night, but they often have bends and differences in elevation that can make glare especially concerning.

Distracted driving may be worse than anyone realized

We have all heard the public service announcements about distracted driving. Yet despite the focus placed on preventing texting and driving, it appears that people may be on their phones more than ever.

According to a 100-billion mile data study compiled by Zendrive, a data analytics company, approximately 69 million drivers use their cellphone while driving every day. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 660,000 drivers use their cell phone every day.

That's a large discrepancy. It is possible more people are driving distracted than anyone has realized. Keep in mind that even if federal estimates are more accurate, that still poses a terrible risk on the road. 

Tips for handling the family dog in divorce

Think the family pet can't cause issues in divorce? When researchers at Georgia Regents University asked hundreds of people who they would save if given the choice between a dog or a human, nearly half (40 percent) said they would save their pet over the life of a stranger if forced to choose.

Still not convinced? Consider these statistics:

ATVs and crashes on public roads

When many people think of ATVs, they picture an off-road environment. While it is true that these types of vehicles are most frequently used for such purposes, whether the driver is working on a farm, hunting, or exploring the wilderness, there are times when some ATV operators find themselves on the road. Unfortunately, those driving these types of vehicles are especially vulnerable with respect to motor vehicle collisions. When someone driving an ATV is struck by a larger vehicle, they may lose their life or sustain devastating injuries.

Although many people do not associate ATVs with public roads, there are many instances where such a vehicle may be found alongside or directly on a road. For example, someone who lives in a rural area may drive an ATV to make their way down a quiet back road. Or, someone might drive an ATV on the shoulder of a road in a suburban area because their vehicle broke down. Even when ATVs are used in off-road environments, the operator may need to cross a road at some point, which can lead to an accident, especially if they cross in an area with heavy traffic or a bend in the road.

Does helicopter parenting help in a custody case?

Utah recently passed a “free-range parenting” law that would eliminate penalties for parents who let kids act independently, provided the child is mature enough to engage in the activity and does not face unreasonable risk.

Examples include letting a child walk to school alone, go to the playground alone, or stay home without adult supervision for a short time. Specifically, the law amends the state’s definition of child neglect to exempt these situations. Children cannot be removed from their parents for these activities, provided the children are otherwise cared for.

During what time of day are most pedestrians killed and hurt?

Any type of traffic accident has the potential to cause serious injuries or even the loss of life, but some, such as pedestrian accidents, can be especially devastating. When pedestrians are hit by vehicles traveling at high speeds, they are particularly likely to sustain an injury or pass away. After all, a pedestrian is especially vulnerable with regard to the impact of a vehicle. If you or a loved one regularly walk or jog alongside the road, it is important for you to be aware of some of the times of day and times of the week when a pedestrian accident may be more likely.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has provided useful information on pedestrian accidents in 2010. According to the NHTSA, most pedestrians were killed in an accident between 6 PM and 9 PM. Throughout 2010, more than 1,000 pedestrians lost their lives during this time frame, accounting for 24.3 percent of pedestrian fatalities. However, most pedestrian injuries during 2010 took place between the hours of 3 PM and 6 PM. In 2010, 18,000 pedestrians were hurt during this time.

DOJ updates policy on using forensic science at trial

Far from the sure-fire way to catch criminals it appears to be on television, the misapplication of forensic science is actually one of the biggest contributing factors to wrongful convictions. Research has shown that many forensic techniques applied in criminal investigations are not reliable, despite being portrayed to a jury as strong evidence of guilt.

For example, bite mark comparisons are notoriously inaccurate. This is a method in which someone trained in forensic odontology tries to match bite marks at crime scenes or on victims with dental impressions taken from a suspect. Hair matching is equally unreliable. The FBI has admitted that it exaggerated the ability to match hair samples for decades, misleading jurors or outright lying about how reliable such evidence was.

The battle to sell real beer in Colorado

A contentious law passed in 2016 allows grocery stores in Colorado to sell full-strength beer at stores in more than one location beginning in 2019. It also allowed stores that currently only sell 3.2 beer to begin selling full-strength beer at the same time.

Previously, neither grocers nor liquor stores could obtain a license to open more than one location that sold full-strength beer. 

Recovering from job-related traffic crash injuries

When accidents occur on the road, many different questions may arise for victims and their loved ones and this is particularly true for those who are involved in a motor vehicle collision that occurred on the job. For example, a victim may wonder if they are entitled to any benefits or which course of action is the most sensible. From workers’ comp to filing suit against a reckless driver, a variety of options may be available. Although recovering from a work-related auto accident can be tough, it is pivotal for employees who are suffering to know their options.

For starters, someone injured in a traffic crash at work may be struggling with physical pain and injuries that require therapy. These injuries may keep them off the job for months or for the rest of their life. Moreover, their family may experience hardships as a direct result of the challenges they are facing, whether they are financial or emotional in nature. For accident victims, it is pivotal to review the situation carefully.

Statute of limitations for a wrongful death lawsuit

When a loved one loses their life due to the negligence of someone else, it is a hard tragedy for families. The weight of their grief, combined with the financial burden a loved one’s medical bills, is a lot to bear.

It is in this case that families may want to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit, in order to hold the negligent party accountable and pay for any expenses. Before doing this, it is important to know the time limits set by state law.

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