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5 reasons to review your employee handbook

If your employee handbook has been unchanged for a while, knowing where to start your revisions can be difficult. Read more to learn where you can start.

Employee handbooks need to reflect current employment law

Here are a few things to look at when revising your employee handbook:

  • Discrimination and harassment policies: Federal, state and local laws may change. They may expand worker protection against harassment and discrimination. One recent example is the CROWN Act of 2020. If your manual sets out how workers can wear their hair, this law will change what you can and cannot ask.
  • Pay, vacation and sick leave: Check if laws governing overtime or tipping have changed. Make sure you are keeping up with any increases in the minimum wage.
  • Company values: Ensure your handbook gives an accurate reflection of your company values. This manual is a chance to pass information to your employees.
  • Remote working policies: Homeworking has become a necessity for many businesses during the last year. Make sure you have clear guidelines about this.
  • Safety protocols: Having clear safety protocols helps your workers stay safe. These may have undergone significant recent changes to cope with the current situation. Check your workers' compensation insurance information is up to date too. In case

It is best to have an attorney review your employee handbook. Employees could use the manual against you in court if you contradict what you put in it. You could also use it in a dispute to show that you had informed employees of certain things. Make sure it is accurate and in agreement with current employment laws.

How old is too old to divorce?

You may be in your 60s, 70s or 80s, but does that mean that you're too old to get a divorce? Not necessarily. In fact, many people do choose to divorce at this age for various reasons. Whether you're a healthy 80-year-old woman who wants to keep doing the things you love while your ex-spouse takes another path or you're in your 60s and looking to start fresh, divorce is a possibility

How your employees could endanger your liquor license

Having a liquor license can help a restaurant with relatively thin margins make a profit. Be able to offer beer, wine and mixed drinks to patrons along with their meal can incentivize people to stay longer and consume more. Staff members can also expect bigger tips when customers spend more and order multiple rounds of drinks. 

Aggressive drivers endanger lives

When a driver hits the open road while relaxed and alert, their patience makes them much safer drivers than anybody who is behind the while upset or rushed.

Simply put: Aggressive driving is dangerous. Whether a driver just rushes through traffic or is actually experiencing "road rage," they put themselves and others at risk.

Death by distraction: What to do if you lose someone to a distracted driving crash

Every year, thousands of people are impacted by distracted drivers. It's well-known that either reading or sending a text can take up to five seconds, which means that a driver won't be looking at the road at all during that time. Spilling drinks, dropping hot food, getting into an argument with other passengers and other issues can also result in serious consequences. 

A driver does not need to be over the limit to cause a crash

If someone crashes into your car and injures you, the police should test them for alcohol in their system. If they are over the permitted blood alcohol concentration (BAC), it should be easier to claim that the crash was their fault. What they were doing was illegal.

However, in many cases, driver's come in under the 0.08 BAC limit despite drinking alcohol. Does this make them any less responsible for the crash? Does this make it more likely the insurer will try and hold you responsible?

Results of the recent Denver highway speed enforcement operation

Those who live or travel in Colorado's suburbs and the Greater Denver-Metro region know what it is like to navigate state roads and highways. Car accidents caused by drunk drivers and speeding remain high in this area, prompting law enforcement to launch a highway speed enforcement event

Who's at fault if both drivers have alcohol in their systems?

One of the hardest things for police officers to do when responding to a car crash is to determine who was at fault. What they write in their report can have long-term implications for the people involved in the crash.

An allocation of fault could mean that one party has a lot of expenses to cover and higher insurance premiums. It also means that the other party has the right to pursue compensation from the one at fault. Illegal activity, like drinking before driving, can influence the amount of fault someone has for a collision.

Is a gray divorce more or less complicated?

Gray divorce typically refers to the divorce of those who are 50 years old and above. The statistics show that this has been increasing in the United States, despite the decline in the overall divorce rate.

In some senses, divorce at a younger age can be more complicated, but that's really only true when there are children involved and custody matters must be addressed. In most other instances, the truth is that gray divorce is far more complex. Below are a few reasons why.

The surprising beliefs that drunk drivers hold

Do any of the people you know drive after consuming one or more drinks? Do they say they are sober enough to drive responsibly? Have you ever seen anyone you know drive erratically after consuming alcoholic beverages?

There is a good chance that you answered yes to the three questions above. Nearly everyone in the nation has seen or felt the impact of drunken driving. Despite efforts by federal and local lawmakers, getting a handle on the problem remains out-of-reach.

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