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March 2014 Archives

Mediation can help families cope with divorce

Divorcing Denver couples probably expect that they will need to cope with a number of legal matters such as child support, child custody, property division and alimony. What they may not consider are the long-term consequences of failing to resolve the emotional stress of a divorce. If these issues are not addressed properly, divorcees can begin to take out their frustrations on friends and family members. For some, divorce mediation can be an effective way of working through these emotional issues in a healthy manner.

Google-eBay merger could pose challenge to tech start-ups

Colorado is known for a lot of different reasons: friendly people, good beer and mountains to name a few. While it may not be first on the list, Colorado is also known for its growing tech industry. In fact, in 2012 the tech industry in Colorado employed more than 160,000 individuals, making it number three nationally in terms of tech work concentration. Because of this, it may be likely that Colorado businesses have been following the news about a potential Google merger and acquisitions of eBay closely.

Teen killed by drunk driver

Denver residents who drink and drive know they are breaking the law. But, they also should know that they may be causing a situation where people can get seriously injured or killed due to their negligence. Drunk driving accidents are entirely preventable and a driver's negligence can tear apart a family forever.

Child support can be impacted by new significant others

For Denver residents who are or have been engaged in divorce proceedings, it can be refreshing and emotionally fulfilling to begin a new romantic relationship. These budding romances can, however, have an impact on divorce agreements, including those that involve alimony, child support payments and child custody arrangements. Those who are receiving child support from their children’s other parent may, therefore, want to carefully consider the legal consequences that new relationships can have on divorce agreements.

Another Denver pedestrian killed by driver

Pedestrians in Denver may suffer a serious injury or even death if they are involved in an accident with a car. Car accidents occur when they're least expected and can cause families to be torn upside down. The financial toll that these unexpected events can cause can be devastating for many families.

Multnomah County sues Colorado business for breach

Business disputes occur every day in the United States. Among the many reasons for business litigation breach of contract is one of the most common. A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to fulfill their obligations under a legally enforceable agreement. When this occurs the party not in breach may decide to either have the terms of the contract enforced or seek financial damages for any harm suffered.

Fraud in high-asset divorce uncovered by FBI

The division of marital property is often a contentious issue in Jefferson County divorces. This is especially true when it is a high-asset divorce because so much money is at stake, and each spouse may feel that they are entitled to a certain amount. It is understandable if parties become very angry or emotional during the asset division process, but some people become so outraged at the prospect of paying alimony or child support that they turn to illegal means to hide their true financial value. When this occurs, severe penalties can result.

Pedestrian killed car accident

Denver residents enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities. With the beautiful and moderate weather that is common year-round, many people take walks and ride their bikes and motorcycles. Usually, these activities are done safely, but, occasionally, car accidents with walkers and bikers do occur. Lately, these pedestrian accidents have been occurring more frequently in Denver.

Two grocery stores will merge, preventing a monopoly in Colorado

For some Colorado companies, merging can be highly advantageous. Not only can it help to further their business goals, it can also increase the value of the company's stock. However, there are many legal complexities involved in mergers and acquisitions. The effect it will have on a company's finances is not always certain, but by understanding the various legal nuances involved companies can make informed decisions.

By relieving guilt and anger, mediation can produce resolution

Even with the best of intentions, Jefferson County couples can quickly become mired in bitter emotional reactions when engaging in divorce proceedings. This can cause an already stressful situation to escalate, and prevent constructive conversations and negotiations. While court proceedings can be the solution for some couples, many find divorce mediation to be a more productive alternative, in part because it helps to bring emotional resolution to both spouses.

Mergers of equals may prove fruitful

Even a friendly merger of equals or the acquisition of one company by another can be a complex business transaction. Colorado residents may be particularly interested in a recently proposed merger between two suppliers of two of the world's largest electronics companies -- Samsung and Apple.

Authorities cracking down on street racing in Denver

The beautiful area of Denver is home to people who love the outdoors and all the activities associated with it. But, another activity is emerging that is dangerous to bystanders: street racing. The street racing culture has led to car accidents in the community, claiming the life of a young boy and seriously injuring others.

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