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May 2018 Archives

U.S. performs poorly in traffic safety

A study involving 29 countries around the world did not paint a positive picture for U.S. drivers. While the large majority of countries involved in the study saw a decrease in motor vehicle deaths from 2010 to 2016, the U.S. experienced a sharp rise. Of the five countries whose death toll rose over that time, the U.S. had the largest rate increase at more than 13 percent.

How can I protect my business assets during my divorce?

If you are facing a divorce and own your own business, there are special considerations that you must take into account while dividing up your marital property. Even if you started your business prior to your marriage, you probably won't be able to just walk away with all of your business assets.

The risk of a crash during Memorial Day

Between an increase in the number of intoxicated drivers and heavy traffic, holidays can be a dangerous time to drive. With Memorial Day around the corner, you should be aware of the risks you may face if you plan on driving to a family party or going on a road trip with your loved ones. Accidents can not only disrupt holiday celebrations but destroy lives. Sadly, many people have passed away in Memorial Day weekend accidents, while others have sustained serious injuries that completely ruined the holiday for their loved ones and presented challenges for months afterward.

No lawsuit is so bizarre it can be ruled out of the question

We all have our favorite "ridiculous" lawsuit that we like to talk about around the water cooler. While most seem too bizarre to be true, the fact remains that some lawyer somewhere in the country found enough evidence of liability to accept the case...and some judge agreed to let it proceed through their court. After all, remember the lawsuit against McDonalds for serving coffee that was too hot? Well, as frivolous as it sounded at the time, the jury ruled that the coffee was, indeed, too-hot-to-handle and the plaintiff was awarded damages for burns in her lap. When the facts of the case are scrutinized, there really was enough evidence to allow the lawsuit to go forward.

Ways for small business owners to reduce the risk of litigation

If you are a small business owner, you are not a stranger to taking risks. As a business owner, it's imperative to take the appropriate steps to minimize the chance of something going wrong, such as avoiding costly, unexpected lawsuits Here are six things you can do to limit the possibility of lawsuit.

Playground accidents and brain injuries

If you are a parent, you likely have all sorts of concerns with regard to your child. Whether you are worried about their performance in school or are concerned about some of their friends, parents have many different things to consider in order to ensure the well-being of their children. Unfortunately, many parents also have to deal with their child being injured in an accident. There are many ways in which kids are hurt and the consequences of an accident may vary from one to another. Certain situations, such as playground activity, can be especially dangerous for children.

How does vehicle condition play a role in auto accidents?

We have covered many of the different reasons why traffic accidents continue to occur, such as DUI. While a majority of people realize that drunk driving is dangerous, some still carry out this reckless behavior and endanger lives in other ways. However, accidents may also happen as a result of factors that are less publicized, such as poor vehicle condition. Whether a driver cannot afford to repair their vehicle, feel as if they are too busy to fix their car before driving, or they are not even aware that something is wrong with the vehicle, drivers operate vehicles that are in poor conditions for different reasons.

Want control of your divorce? Mediation might be the answer.

Your family means a lot to you. Your children are your number one priority, and you love your spouse. Despite that love, the two of you have decided to get a divorce. You appreciate each other, but feel that you'd be happier apart. The process of dismantling your life as you know it is stressful. However, you are happy that the two of you are amicable.

Circumstances change: Modifying child support agreements to match

For many Colorado families, child support functions as a source of income to meet the needs of the child. Colorado bases child support on the belief that parents should allocate the same amount of funds towards raising the child as if the child still lived in an intact household.

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