Want control of your divorce? Mediation might be the answer.

Want control of your divorce? Mediation might be the answer.

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Your family means a lot to you. Your children are your number one priority, and you love your spouse. Despite that love, the two of you have decided to get a divorce. You appreciate each other, but feel that you’d be happier apart. The process of dismantling your life as you know it is stressful. However, you are happy that the two of you are amicable.

You want to work through the divorce process together. As a team, you’ve decided to present yourselves as a united front for your children. Regardless, you still worry about legalities and how to make your divorce the right fit for your family.

Could mediation be the option you are looking for?

There are different divorce processes available to you. As a couple who wants to work together and make choices, mediation might be the best fit for your family. The process allows you to have pertinent discussions regarding your family, assets, finances and future.

Some benefits of using this method include:

  • Your children come first. As parents, the two of you will work together to come up with solutions that work in the best interests of your family. Your children are important to both of you, and you can put them first with your values in mind. Also, your children will not be subjected to courtroom proceedings and public records.
  • The process can be timely. You have more flexibility when using mediation. You and your spouse will be in control. The two of you will resolve your disputes and create solutions so that you can move towards the future.
  • You get more privacy. Court cases are public. Mediation is usually a confidential process. Evidence and records used throughout the process are not revealed or a matter of public record.
  • The process can be empowering. You can be creative and tailor a plan that directly fits the individual needs of your family. When you use mediation for your divorce, you and your spouse are in control of the outcome. The two of you know what is best for your family, and creating specific plans with your new futures in mind is reassuring.
  • It can be cost efficient. Lawsuits can be pricy and time consuming. Employing a mediator is typically less. A quicker turnaround time, and no need to go back and forth to court can be easier on your bank account.
  • You get personal attention. Since mediation is all about working together to solve disputes and make arrangements, your voice is heard. Your concerns will get deserved attention.

You may wonder what happens if you and your spouse disagree on something. You will work with a mediator to have civil discussions. If you are in Colorado, you can have one Denver divorce lawyer present, or each of you can have your own lawyers there to assist you. Your marriage may be ending, but your new future is just beginning. Take charge and start it off on your terms.