The Injuries That Cause A Majority of ATV Deaths

The Injuries That Cause A Majority of ATV Deaths

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The Injuries That Cause A Majority of ATV Deaths

Driving an ATV is both a great way of exploring difficult-to-reach, off-road locations and a thrilling way to enjoy the outdoors, but ATVs are also a common cause of serious injuries and deaths during recreational activity. Rider inexperience, errors, speeding, and taking reckless chances, all contribute to the cause and severity of ATV accidents.

Whether you are new to ATVs or you’re considering purchasing one, understanding the most common cause of fatal injury for ATV riders can help you and your loved ones avoid harm.

What Is an ATV?

ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle. Sometimes called a four-wheeler, these light utility vehicles have four low-pressure tires and a straddle-position seat for the operator. ATVs are meant for off-road exploring and trail riding. They are not street-legal in most countries, including in the United States and Canada. While mostly used recreationally, they are also utilized for hunting, fishing, surveying, and hauling rocks or wood. ATVs can reach speeds of 50 to 90 miles per hour.

What Is the Most Common Deadly ATV Injury?

Colorado does not have a universal helmet law for ATVs. Only those under the age of 18 are legally required to wear a DOT-approved helmet at all times while riding. The most common deadly injury in ATV accidents is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) TBIs occur when the head sustains a powerful blow from contact with the ground or an obstacle during a crash. They may also occur from a powerful shake or jarring motion in a collision when the brain bumps or twists against the inside of the skull.

Types of traumatic brain injuries seen in ATV accident victims include:

  • Severe concussion
  • Diffuse axonal injury
  • Hematoma
  • Subarachnoid hemorrhage
  • Coup-contrecoup injury (injury to one part of the brain and then the opposite part caused by bumping back and forth
  • Skull fracture

Not all traumatic brain injuries are fatal, but the risk of fatal brain injuries increases substantially when a rider fails to wear a helmet.

Other Serious Injuries in ATV Accidents

ATV riders have little protection in an accident. Even when wearing a helmet, the remainder of the rider’s body is vulnerable to direct impact with the ground and obstacles during a crash. Common injuries in ATV accidents include the following:

  • Fractures, including broken neck
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries such as sprains and torn ligaments

What Are the Most Common Causes of ATV Accidents?

Operator error causes most ATV accidents. Some careless actions are simple mistakes, but others are reckless behaviors. Common causes of ATV accidents include:

  • Driver inexperience
  • Speeding
  • Riding on paved roads (An ATV’s tires are not designed for pavement)
  • Carrying passengers on single-operator ATVs
  • Reckless actions/risk-taking behaviors
  • Operating an ATV under the influence of alcohol or other substances

Collisions and rollovers are the most common types of ATV accidents resulting in serious injuries or death.

Can I Recover Compensation After an ATV Accident in Colorado?

Depending on your insurance coverage or that of the party at fault for the ATV accident, a successful claim could recover compensation for damages like property damage to the ATV, medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering; however, no compensation can erase a serious injury. It’s always best to remain careful and vigilant while enjoying an ATV ride and wearing a DOT-approved helmet for protection.

While no amount of compensation can truly erase the impact of a serious injury, securing the financial resources needed for recovery can significantly ease the burden. If you or a loved one has been injured in an ATV accident in Colorado, it’s crucial to understand your legal rights and the compensation you may be entitled to. At Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C., our Westminster personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping victims navigate the complex legal landscape and obtain the justice they deserve.

Contact us today for a free consultation, and let our experienced team fight for the compensation you need to rebuild your life. Remember, taking action now can make all the difference in your path to recovery.