Receiving compensation for your drunk driving accident injuries under Colorado’s dram shop laws 

Receiving compensation for your drunk driving accident injuries under Colorado’s dram shop laws 

Dram shop laws often hold bars, liquor stores, and restaurants potentially liable for injuries and deaths caused by the alcohol they sell or serve. Social liability laws allow injured victims to sue private party hosts who serve alcohol to individuals who cause crashes. At least 30 states have dram shop laws on the books. Colorado is one of them. These laws might allow you to recover additional compensation if you suffered injuries in a drunk driving crash. How Colorado’s dram…

How can you prove that another driver was distracted when you were hit?

It’s a horrible feeling to see someone’s vehicle heading your way and realizing that you’ll be hit. You may not have time to move out of the way, even if you have a few seconds where you can see their vehicle coming. Bracing yourself for the worst is a good idea, but remember to take in as much of the scene as you can, so you can remember why that driver hit you. Many drivers today get distracted and aren’t…

Drunk driving: Who does it most and what can you do to protect yourself?

Drunk drivers injure or kill innocent people daily in this country. States have all taken action to try to thwart these crashes from occurring, but some drivers still choose to operate a vehicle while they’re intoxicated.  Everybody knows that drinking and driving is a bad idea, so who is still doing it? When it comes to drunk drivers, men are overwhelmingly responsible for causing crashes. In particular, men who are 21 to 34 years of age are the most likely to…

When can your family file a wrongful death lawsuit in Colorado?

Losing a loved one will have a ripple effect that influences every aspect of your life. From your grief and the emotional pain of other members of your family to the financial implications of your loss, you will likely need months to adjust to your new reality and years to fully recover from the impact of a tragic loss. Although everyone eventually dies, some people die far sooner than they should because of something another person or business has done….

Take these steps if you lose a loved one in a drunk driving crash

Losing someone you love in a drunk driving crash is devastating. You may not be sure how to move forward or what to expect from the other party. After a wrongful death, it is reasonable to want the drunk driver to compensate your family for what it has gone through. It’s reasonable to ask that they cover costs associated with your loved one’s medical care and funeral costs. To get this compensation, you need to start a wrongful death claim….