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November 2015 Archives

Does mental illness play a role in child custody?

When divorcing parents are being examined by the family court for custody purposes, they may feel as though their decision making, privacy and intellect are being picked apart. In the event that the mental health of one parent is in question, these feelings may be even more intense. And as much as the parent in question may feel violated by being scrutinized for their mental health, it is unfortunately the family court's right to consider all aspects of a parent's life when determining custody.

Trooper dies while offering "move over" buffer to fellow officer

When traveling on Colorado's roadways, most drivers know to give emergency personnel and workers extra room while on the roadside.  The "move over" law which is designed to support this practice requires drivers to give roadside personnel a buffer zone of at least one lane between them and their vehicles. As an ABC affiliate in Denver reports, it was during a traffic stop that one trooper lost her life trying to provide a "move over" buffer to a colleague.

Call to 911 didn't stop shooting

From a very early age, we are taught to call 911 in case of an emergency. What if the 911 dispatcher feels that what we think is an emergency isn't an urgent issue at all? This is the question that has sparked debate over dispatcher protocol when a call placed to 911 minutes before a shooting spree was not made top priority.

Business law takes next level knowledge

The term business law actually encompasses dozens of aspects of the professional realm. When an individual seeks legal representation for any number of related issues, the success of their case relies heavily on the skill and experience of their attorney. For individuals looking for exceptional representation, having a team of skilled attorneys may be the best fit for their needs.

Wasting marital assets on an affair

Many times couples that are going through a divorce where there is a substantial net worth involved, one or both spouses will try to dissolve some of their assets that would otherwise be divided. When a spouse engages in the dissipation of assets by way of spending marital funds on an affair, the family court may take this behavior into account when deciding who gets what.

Can anesthesia awareness be negligence?

Anesthesia awareness is a real condition and is believed to affect one in every 1,000 surgical patients. It happens when a patient under general anesthesia is still aware of their surroundings and sensations during the procedure. Considering more than 51 million inpatient surgical procedures are done every year, roughly 50 people annually can be affected by this terrifying experience.

El Nino's effect on the market

This year is an El Niño year, and for many Americans that means a winter of above average temperatures and below average snowfall. For a few states, however, El Niño brings about a whole different season. While Colorado is no stranger to snow, El Niño may really pile it on. Speculation into what this year's El Niño season will bring to Southwest Colorado has real estate agents and resorts owners alike concerned.

Five years of UPS negotiations may mean strike

It is not uncommon for American workers to negotiate their way to better pay and better conditions. Sometimes a simple mediation session irons out all the issues and sends workers back to their posts happy and ready to take on a new day. However, for UPS pilots there hasn't been any such thing as a simple mediation. Entering their fifth year of negotiations, UPS pilots find themselves considering a strike as a way to demand much needed change in their work environment.

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