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May 2020 Archives

Police Looking For Answers After Serious Accident

There are instances where the causes of a car crash are apparent. Investigators often find that one or more people took or failed to take some sort of action that led to the incident. Unfortunately, car accident causes aren't always so cut and dried. One recent serious accident here in Colorado is still under investigation after a woman was seriously hurt and another driver suffered significant injuries.

Property Considerations When Getting a Divorce in Colorado

Pursuant to the Colorado Uniform Dissolution of Marriage Act, the courts are required to divide all marital property equitably. Many people mistakenly believe this requires the courts to divide property equally. In fact, an equitable division of property does not mean equal.

Responding to suspected wrongful termination in Colorado

There are many thousands of people who show up to their jobs in Colorado and complete their work-related tasks. Most of these workers are ethical, trustworthy and hardworking. Some of these people may be surprised that despite their efforts, they are terminated from their positions, making them question whether they were the victim of wrongful termination. 

Protecting your parental rights with a strong parenting plan

When two parents choose to divorce, they must create a parenting plan delineating how they each share the benefits and responsibilities of parenthood. Often, these issues are some of the most difficult to resolve during the divorce process, because many parents feel the need to fight for greater control over their child's life rather than creating a plan that truly focuses on the child's needs.

Serious accident involving hit-and-run leads to arrest

It's not uncommon for most drivers to get into a car accident at some point in their lives. However, most people try to do all that they can to avoid causing one. When someone makes a deliberate choice that leads to a crash, such as speeding or texting and driving, that person could face criminal charges. One recent crash here in Colorado resulted in charges for one man after authorities say he caused a serious accident and was intoxicated at the time.

Why you should seek child support (even if you don't need it)

You're getting divorced from your child's other parent -- or maybe the two of you were never married. Either way, the relationship is over. While you agree that your ex should remain involved in your child's life, you don't intend to seek child support.

Serious accident leaves 2 with life-threatening injuries

Some car crashes have very clear details that authorities are able to piece together quickly. That is not the case for a recent collision here in Colorado that put four people in the hospital. When a serious accident like this happens, it is imperative that police figure out exactly what occurred and who may have been at fault. Fortunately, investigative techniques can help them do so and police will make use of all available resources to bring justice to those who may deserve it. 

A pup nup protects your pet during divorce

Pet owners know that their four-legged friends are so much more than just animals -- they are members of the family. Unfortunately, Colorado law does not see it that way. Pets are treated as just another piece of property when it comes to legal matters. This can spell trouble for pet parents who are going through a divorce, as they may be faced with the possibility of losing contact with their beloved animal altogether.

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