Every impaired driving crash in Colorado is preventable

Every impaired driving crash in Colorado is preventable

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Drunk driving is a serious problem that puts Colorado residents in danger. This is one cause of crashes that’s preventable, so it’s a tragedy when a wreck that’s caused by someone who’s impaired occurs.

There are laws in this state that are meant to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the roadways, yet, some individuals still opt to get behind the wheel after they’ve had a couple of drinks. Around 60 people are arrested daily in this state for impaired driving.

Impairment occurs before a person’s legally impaired

Many people tend to think that a driver isn’t impaired unless they have a blood alcohol concentration of .08%, which is the legal threshold for impairment. This isn’t the case. With a BAC of only .02%, a driver can have a reduction in the ability to do two things at a time, such as manipulate the steering wheel and handle the control pedals. This BAC also comes with a decreased ability to track a moving target, which is a critical driving skill.

At .05%, the driver can have trouble steering and may have decreased coordination. They may not be able to respond to emergencies while they drive. By .08%, the impacts are even greater and include a lack of speed control, reduction in the ability to detect danger and loss of muscle coordination.

As you can see, any alcohol consumption before driving can alter a driver’s ability to control a vehicle. If you spot signs of a drunk driver, including a driver swerving between lanes or driving erratically, trying to stay away from them might help to keep you safer but there’s still a chance that they’ll slam into your vehicle.

When a drunk driving crash occurs

A person who is struck by an impaired driver should ensure they get the medical care they need to address their injuries. This may be costly, especially if the injuries are catastrophic. Innocent victims shouldn’t be left holding the financial liability in these cases. They may opt to pursue a claim for compensation to hold the drunk driver accountable for those monetary damages.

If you’re the victim in this type of case, be sure that you consider the expenses you have already incurred because of the crash, as well as those that you will likely incur in the future. Once your claim for compensation is resolved, you can’t ask for more money. It will take a little time to determine exactly what you should seek, so act swiftly. State law limits the amount of time you have to seek compensation, which means you need to get started as quickly as possible after the wreck.