Client Testimonials

“Cyndy Ciancio achieved our goals”

Without Cyndy, I would have less time with my kids, pure and simple. I hired Cyndy after a previous lawyer from a different firm completely mismanaged my case. When Cyndy took over, she inherited a mess. I had already entered into an onerous stipulation that dictated the course of my case for the next several months. Cyndy kept my focus on the long term and set out a path for me to accomplish my ultimate goal of having as much time with my kids as possible.

Cyndy achieved our goals because she excels at strategic thinking, client management, and litigation. Cyndy’s advice to me continually mirrored what the judge ultimately decided, even matching the judge’s words at times. While I was initially reticent to follow the path she laid out, she ultimately won me over through sound reasoning and persuasive arguments.

She was better able to win me over because in an otherwise heartless, mechanical system, Cyndy actually cares. She took the time to listen to the details of my case and find out what was most important to me. We joke that Cyndy could also serve as a therapist, as she clearly loves the relational part of her job.

If you have a high conflict, custodial case, you want Cyndy on your side. She thrives in the courtroom, specializing in litigation. She is calm, prepared, and experienced. The time she invests in clients reaps a detailed knowledge of each case. She possesses a thorough knowledge of the law and the acumen to know what is relevant going into a hearing. Her “therapeutic” people skills help her read the judge, allowing her to better tailor her arguments on the fly. The combination of legal knowledge, preparation, improvisation, and caring allows her clients to know that Cyndy is in command in the courtroom and that they will be well represented.

Yet, one of my very favorite things about Cyndy is that she is fair and ethical. While Cyndy will always rigorously represent her clients, she does so within the bounds of decency and justice. Unlike some lawyers, she would never cross the line or compromise her morals. I have long since thought that Cyndy would make an excellent judge. While I would personally lose a terrific lawyer and advocate, the world would gain a judge with tremendous discernment and wisdom.

I cannot recommend Cyndy highly enough. She is continually recognized by her peers as one of the top lawyers in the state and such honors are clearly merited. I owe Cyndy a tremendous debt of gratitude.

Family Law Client

“I Couldn’t Have Been Happier”

I believe Ciancio Ciancio Brown is really known for their outstanding work in the area of divorce, personal injury and criminal defense, but I recently used them for several complicated real estate issues, some of which needed to be litigated.

I couldn’t have been happier with the work Mr. Ciancio, along with Kyle Kreischer and Wes Wollenweber, provided me with. Not only are they exceptional attorneys, they are genuinely kind and caring people, which is somewhat of an anomaly in the profession.

I would highly recommend CCB for leases, tenant non-compliance of leases, property purchase and sale among their other areas of specialty.

Family Law Client

“Cyndy Ciancio: Impeccable Attorney”

I highly recommend Cyndy Ciancio at Ciancio Ciancio Brown. Cyndy Ciancio is an impeccable attorney. She is very knowledgeable in regard to family law. The office staff is very efficient and professional.

My case was unusual in some regards. In my counsel selection process I contacted three attorneys, one of which was supposed to be a champion of father’s rights. One said my case would be a slam dunk and is routine for him. Since my case almost went to the Supreme Court he was obviously mistaken. The second (the father’s rights champion) said, “Don’t try to save the world.” Meaning, don’t even try. Cyndy was the one that seemed genuinely concerned for my daughter and the family as a whole.

Since my case had some issues that were “gray areas,” where the law was concerned, Cyndy explained my options in detail. The case was very difficult for me emotionally and took a significant toll on my family. I can’t imagine how much more difficult it would have been, if I had chosen one of the other attorneys. In the end, my case outcome came out very favorably for me, but was also fair.

If you have a difficult case, and most family law cases involving children are difficult, the last thing you want to have to worry about is whether your attorney is representing you in the best possible manner and looking out for what is best for your whole family. For this reason, I would definitely consult Cyndy Ciancio in any future family law issue.

Family Law Client

"Ethical, persuasive, devoted and knowledgeable attorney"

I cannot thank Kyle Martelon enough, he is absolutely amazing and extremely well versed in family law. I’ve known Kyle for several years, he is reassuring, articulate and highly effective while being able to advocate on your behalf. Kyle cares about his clients and how they are represented. I could not have asked for a better attorney, and working with Kyle was incredibly easy. Without hesitation, I would recommend Kyle to anyone seeking a just and favorable outcome with an ethical, persuasive, devoted and knowledgeable attorney.


"Tyler did an excellent job in working out a strategy"

Tyler represented me in a post-divorce matter, very complicated. In fact, the case involved my ex seeking a portion of compensatory damages I received from a case I filled after the final divorce decree. The attorney I had prior to Tyler made several critical errors with stipulations and thus I had no choice but to litigate this post decree motion. Tyler did an excellent job in working out a strategy and performed extremely well in the hearing, the judge ruled in my favor.
I have hired several attorneys over the years, and most are not worthy of the fees they charge but Tyler did excellent work in getting this case solved in my favor.

Bruce Casias

"Would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for business council."

Had the pleasure of working with Dipak on a lease negotiation with a commercial retail center. He was extremely responsive, and provided excellent guidance on some pretty complex points. We ultimately signed a lease that we found to be fair, in large part, due to Dipak’s great suggestions. Would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for business council.

Tareq Affouri

"I felt I was in great hands"

Banafsheh and her paralegal Janet were very informative, friendly, prompt, and professional in dealing with my case. I felt I was in great hands and they were very accommodating.

Becca Switzer

"I would hands down choose CCB over the competition."

CCB is a High Caliber Attorney Firm. I was fortunate to have a successful outcome having gone through a challenging divorce with the guidance and support of my attorney Jonathan Bereman. The firm demonstrated great depth in support bringing in experts from each realm of law given the complexity of my situation with the ongoing allegations thrown at me. Jonathan demonstrated integrity and great knowledge of the legal system which has given me the opportunity to move forward with my new beginning. From the friendly service of the clerical staff, to the wisdom & service of the attorneys/paralegals, I would hands down choose CCB over the competition.

Ben Hummel

"She constantly fought for me, and I will forever be grateful."

Carrie and her team went above and beyond for me during the hardest year of my life. She is not only professional but kind. She is brilliant and hard working, and she takes the high road. It would have been easy to just hear what I had to say, in my most vulnerable time, but she listened. I always got a response for even my most basic questions. She constantly fought for me, and I will forever be grateful.

Sarah Werckle

"His knowledge, professionalism, and responsiveness replaced my anxiety with confidence."

Selecting legal representation is never an easy decision. After many hours of research and consultations I was undecided and anxious.

My consultation with Loren Brown made the decision easy. His knowledge, professionalism, and responsiveness replaced my anxiety with confidence. I was well informed at every juncture and Loren was quick to answer any questions. He explained the strategy and options available to me in a simple and transparent fashion.

If you are need of legal representation reach out to this awesome team.

Dave Hernandez

"They were also very communicative and responsive, and timely."

Dipak Patel worked on our case. I honestly do not have a negative thing to say about him. He was ALWAYS responsive, always got things done on time, always trustful and communicative. Dipak was very knowledgeable and we learned a lot from you during the duration of our case. I would highly recommend Dipak to anyone! The agency as a whole as well was a pleasure to work with. They were also very communicative and responsive, and timely. Overall great agency as well!

Corey Smolen

"I was recommended to them by a family friend and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!"

There are not enough stars for me to rate my experiences with Ciancio Ciancio Brown! They are not only amazing attorneys but also amazing good hearted people. That is not something you can say about most attorneys offices but they actually care. I highly recommend them!!! I was recommended to them by a family friend and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Amber Davis

"I certainly hope I never need to use them again, but if the need arises, I know exactly who to call."

Tim Tarr and Loren Brown provided excellent criminal defense guidance and representation for my son. Tim was able to get the case dismissed with minimal time and impact to our lives. Loren checked in with us at just the right times to make sure we were doing okay. These two are great resources for those that don’t know what to do when “stuff” happens. I certainly hope I never need to use them again, but if the need arises, I know exactly who to call. Thank you both.

Janette Hagaman

"I would strongly recommend the Cianco, Cianco Brown team for any family law case."

My lawyer, Kyle Martelon, was wonderful. His caring and empathetic nature made a difficult divorce with custody issues less painful. The integrity and respect for the law he brought to every situation helped me adjust my perspective. Kyle and his team were responsive, and professional through each step of the process. I would strongly recommend the Cianco, Cianco Brown team for any family law case.

tara keefer

"Top notch experience with this legal team for sure."

I have used Ciancio Ciancio Brown since 2012 and I’m always impressed by their counsel. I especially recommend Kyle Martelon. His attention to detail and professionalism is impeccable. He always has us well prepared and ready for anything. His communication is excellent-I always know every detail, every step of the way. Top notch experience with this legal team for sure.

Carrie Mauterer

"If you only want to accept your best possible outcome, then look no further than Ciancio Ciancio Brown."

As a business professional, I expect a high level of efficiency and effectiveness. Kyle Martelon and Ciancio Ciancio Brown exceeded my expectations. From vast family law expertise to impeccable professionalism to compassionate understanding of your specific situation, this firm and it’s attorneys are unrivaled in the industry. When selecting a family law attorney and/or firm, I recommend you first determine the range of legal outcomes that are acceptable to you. If you only want to accept your best possible outcome, then look no further than Ciancio Ciancio Brown.

Matt Campfield

"I am extremely happy with the work he did and highly recommend"

I had the privilege of working with Kyle Martelon, a member of the Family Law team, when I was getting divorced. What I admired most about Kyle is his ability to truly listen to me and understand my needs in a kind, compassionate manner. Don’t let his soft side fool you – he’s tough when he needs to be. During mediation, he advocated and pushed for things I never would have thought of!

He is incredibly knowledgeable about Colorado divorce law – always giving me open, honest guidance and advice. There was never a time when I couldn’t call him – he always made himself available to me – day or night. Even after my divorce was final, when issues arose, I would call and consult with him.

Bottom line…Kyle produced results!! I am extremely happy with the work he did and highly recommend him and Ciancio Ciancio Brown for your legal needs.

Brenda Walker

"I could not have asked for a better team and highly recommend!"

I was a single mom looking for a divorce attorney that made me feel safe and comfortable. Banafsheh was the 9th lawyer I had spoken with. During our first conversation, she was able to give me more information than ANY other lawyer combined. Banafsheh and her paralegals were all wonderful with assisting in achieving my divorce fairly and professionally. I could not have asked for a better team and highly recommend!

Kirin Johnson