Cyndy Ciancio Achieved Our Goals

Without Cyndy, I would have less time with my kids, pure and simple. I hired Cyndy after a previous lawyer from a different firm completely mismanaged my case. When Cyndy took over, she inherited a mess. I had already entered into an onerous stipulation that dictated the course of my case for the next several months. Cyndy kept my focus on the long term and set out a path for me to accomplish my ultimate goal of having as much time with my kids as possible.

Cyndy achieved our goals because she excels at strategic thinking, client management, and litigation. Cyndy’s advice to me continually mirrored what the judge ultimately decided, even matching the judge’s words at times. While I was initially reticent to follow the path she laid out, she ultimately won me over through sound reasoning and persuasive arguments.

She was better able to win me over because in an otherwise heartless, mechanical system, Cyndy actually cares. She took the time to listen to the details of my case and find out what was most important to me. We joke that Cyndy could also serve as a therapist, as she clearly loves the relational part of her job.

If you have a high conflict, custodial case, you want Cyndy on your side. She thrives in the courtroom, specializing in litigation. She is calm, prepared, and experienced. The time she invests in clients reaps a detailed knowledge of each case. She possesses a thorough knowledge of the law and the acumen to know what is relevant going into a hearing. Her “therapeutic” people skills help her read the judge, allowing her to better tailor her arguments on the fly. The combination of legal knowledge, preparation, improvisation, and caring allows her clients to know that Cyndy is in command in the courtroom and that they will be well represented.

Yet, one of my very favorite things about Cyndy is that she is fair and ethical. While Cyndy will always rigorously represent her clients, she does so within the bounds of decency and justice. Unlike some lawyers, she would never cross the line or compromise her morals. I have long since thought that Cyndy would make an excellent judge. While I would personally lose a terrific lawyer and advocate, the world would gain a judge with tremendous discernment and wisdom.

I cannot recommend Cyndy highly enough. She is continually recognized by her peers as one of the top lawyers in the state and such honors are clearly merited. I owe Cyndy a tremendous debt of gratitude.

I Couldn’t Have Been Happier

I believe Ciancio Ciancio Brown is really known for their outstanding work in the area of divorce, personal injury and criminal defense, but I recently used them for several complicated real estate issues, some of which needed to be litigated.

I couldn’t have been happier with the work Mr. Ciancio, along with Kyle Kreischer and Wes Wollenweber, provided me with. Not only are they exceptional attorneys, they are genuinely kind and caring people, which is somewhat of an anomaly in the profession.

I would highly recommend CCB for leases, tenant non-compliance of leases, property purchase and sale among their other areas of specialty.

Cyndy Ciancio: Impeccable Attorney

I highly recommend Cyndy Ciancio at Ciancio Ciancio Brown. Cyndy Ciancio is an impeccable attorney. She is very knowledgeable in regard to family law. The office staff is very efficient and professional.

My case was unusual in some regards. In my counsel selection process I contacted three attorneys, one of which was supposed to be a champion of father’s rights. One said my case would be a slam dunk and is routine for him. Since my case almost went to the Supreme Court he was obviously mistaken. The second (the father’s rights champion) said, “Don’t try to save the world.” Meaning, don’t even try. Cyndy was the one that seemed genuinely concerned for my daughter and the family as a whole.

Since my case had some issues that were “gray areas,” where the law was concerned, Cyndy explained my options in detail. The case was very difficult for me emotionally and took a significant toll on my family. I can’t imagine how much more difficult it would have been, if I had chosen one of the other attorneys. In the end, my case outcome came out very favorably for me, but was also fair.

If you have a difficult case, and most family law cases involving children are difficult, the last thing you want to have to worry about is whether your attorney is representing you in the best possible manner and looking out for what is best for your whole family. For this reason, I would definitely consult Cyndy Ciancio in any future family law issue.

Cyndy Ciancio: The Best You Will Find

Divorce is a traumatic time, but having Cyndy in my corner made all the difference. She listens, is fair, honest, and will not sugar coat anything. She will tell you how your case will realistically turn out, and will fight for you. Her combination of compassion and toughness gave me comfort, along with her excellent staff who helped me from start to finish in a long legal battle. I would recommend her to anyone.

Highly Recommend

Cyndy Ciancio and her outstanding staff proved to be a great choice for me in selecting an attorney to represent my best interests. She was able to take what can be a complicated and emotional field (Family law) and break it down into what would be best for me and my kids. The personal attention, correspondence, and follow-up was stellar. She really did have my best interests at heart and as such I highly recommend her to anyone seeking advice in this area. Thanks Cyndy for all that you have done!

Ugly Divorce

Divorce is never easy, and mine was particularly difficult. Cyndy worked with me to utilize my spouse’s earnings history to defeat a motion for spousal support, as well as protect assets that were mine prior to the marriage and should rightfully be excluded from consideration as marital assets. She respected my insights on various issues and consulted with me regarding the correct responses to motions from opposing counsel, allowing me to be fully integrated in all proceedings. She was accessible throughout the process, even responding to my texts and e-mails on weekends. Cyndy is a class act, and I would absolutely retain her again if needed.

One of the Best

Cynthia came highly recommended to me from a prosecuting attorney 3 years ago. She has helped me for several years in a handful of marital Separation Agreement questions, actions, and a contempt of court case that I filed. Her advice and work has been excellent in every situation. Cynthia has proven to be much more than a lawyer, in that she brings a wonderful sensitivity to the legal, business, and emotional aspects with her clients. She is just great to work with in so many ways! I have also benefited from 3 other attorneys in her office when specialized legal expertise was needed. I am happy to give Cynthia Ciancio and her firm my highest recommendation.

Simply the Best

Cyndy is simply the best. She is knowledgeable and well connected. Her expertise gave me a six-figure benefit!

Outstanding, Exceptional, Reliable, Professional and Everything Anyone Would Need in an Attorney

We came in contact with Cyndy through a trusted friend’s network who is an attorney, but who neither resided in Colorado, nor practiced family law. Cyndy’s reputation immediately propelled her to the front of the list of possibilities through others who knew her. The timing was critical, because we had just been basically screwed by another attorney who was on the case, charged us more for his time, and failed to be at a very important court appearance. Cyndy came on at short notice and used personal time to catch up to all of the details. She was caring and intent, focused on restoring what had been previously destined to be a very destructive outcome. She is not arrogant, that is, she listens to her clients, and tries to be persuasive in directing energy into where it might most be beneficial in a judicial environment. Many attorneys will spend a great deal of time and their client’s funds to grandstand their intelligence to captive clients, but Cyndy’s great value is her intent on patiently allowing her reputation to be established in the favorable results she generates for her customers. Once her research is complete, and it is complete, she goes very aggressively and vigorously in pursuit of her client’s rights. In our case, with the help of information that had been overlooked by our previous attorney, she was able to leverage and actually reverse a threat against our adversary. Our opponent had no choice but to retreat. Then she went after our previous attorney, and was able to completely eradicate inflated charges that were destined to go to a collection agency. We were impressed in every way with Cyndy and her staff, and the way she positively reflected the confidence that other professionals placed in their recommendations of her. Your worst nightmare would be if you saw her on the other side of a lawsuit, and the best relief if you contacted her first.

Review of Cyndy Ciancio

I realized right when I met Cyndy she was the lawyer I wanted for my divorce. She clearly helped me understand what she could do for me. In a time of stress she was a voice of reason. I felt she was being honest and fair. I knew that even though not everything feels fair at the time her knowledge and expertise would ensure a fair outcome. She was able to represent me in a way that I felt was being true to who I was and more importantly making sure my family would be able to move forward in the most positive way possible. Cyndy’s combination of toughness and compassion is one of the things I think make her so successful. I have a lot of respect for her.

Westminster Area

Cynthia helped me with a divorce almost three years ago in Broomfield. She was proactive with opposing counsel and helped keep the timeline on target. As a former legal assistant, I appreciated her professionalism and knowledge.

Cyndy Ciancio: An Attorney Who Understands Your Rights

As a male family man, I was nervous in my Divorce and Child Custody hearings that the propaganda created by my Ex would really affect my receiving a fair hearing from the courts. In my dealing with Cyndy Ciancio, she provided the following: 1. Obtained Valuable Parenting Rights; 2. Maintained and Protected my assets and rights of what I contributed throughout my marriage; 3. Understood and grasped who I was and my commitment to the children and how important my role is to the children and their future; 4. Even when I speak with her now, she remembers the details of my case. By the way, I was referred to Cyndy by internal court staff members that thought of her as a quality attorney. Thank You Cyndy!

Looking For a Divorce Attorney That Makes a Difference?

My divorce was a life changing event, and I know I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for the expertise of Cyndy Ciancio and her staff. She was compassionate, listened to my concerns, and took into consideration my short and long term needs for me and my children. Cyndy and her staff were always available and guided me through this stressful time with my best intentions as their main priority. I am pleased to recommend Cyndy Ciancio to anyone who is seeking council during their divorce. She really cares for her clients and always looks out for their best interest.

Top Notch

There is a pub in Nelson, NZ called “The Honest Lawyer.” Unfortunately for the profession, it’s also the inscription on a tombstone on the premises. Well, they missed one and this is her, fortunately very much in business. I’ve had way too much interaction with the legal system on the back of a contentious divorce and I’ve seen all forms of arrogance, deceit, and incompetence from the legal professionals in the context. From someone who has been beaten up and lost a lot, including damn near the right to be a father to my children, this particular legal professional is honest, sharp, trustworthy, and highly competent. You couldn’t have a better lawyer on your side.