Police Looking For Answers After Serious Accident

Police Looking For Answers After Serious Accident

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There are instances where the causes of a car crash are apparent. Investigators often find that one or more people took or failed to take some sort of action that led to the incident. Unfortunately, car accident causes aren’t always so cut and dried. One recent serious accident here in Colorado is still under investigation after a woman was seriously hurt and another driver suffered significant injuries.

According to police, the crash happened on a recent afternoon on local roads. One car was allegedly waiting in the left-hand turn lane facing east and attempting to turn left. Another vehicle heading in the opposite direction slowed down, but allegedly still struck that car. Police have not announced which person was driving which vehicle. 

Officials report that the woman suffered life-threatening injuries and there is no update on her current condition. The man driving the other vehicle reportedly has moderate injuries. Authorities claim that both drivers were using seat belts and they are still investigating exactly what happened to cause this crash. A key point will be to determine who had the right of way, but police have not offered any insight. They had to close the eastbound lanes of the road in order to conduct their investigation. 

When Colorado police determine which driver is at fault for this crash, they made decide to file criminal charges. However, there are other options for legal recourse that one of the drivers may be able to pursue. One driver could file a personal injury claim against the one deemed responsible for the crash. This is the type of action that others in a similar situation may want to consider to hold a negligent driver responsible. An attorney with experience in this legal field can answer questions and offer guidance to those who need it.