Responding to suspected wrongful termination in Colorado

Responding to suspected wrongful termination in Colorado

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There are many thousands of people who show up to their jobs in Colorado and complete their work-related tasks. Most of these workers are ethical, trustworthy and hardworking. Some of these people may be surprised that despite their efforts, they are terminated from their positions, making them question whether they were the victim of wrongful termination. 

Many states, including Colorado, are considered “at will” when it comes to employment. This means that an employee can be fired for any reason. The only reasons that are prohibited are those that are in violation of an employment contract or those that are deemed unlawful, such as discriminatory reasons related to age, gender, disability or religion as well as retaliating against an employee for reporting illegal practices.

While many terminations are unfair, most are not illegal. However, professionals with experience with business law have several recommendations for those who suspect they might lose their jobs unlawfully. Because the person will more than likely lose access to the offices after the termination occurs, for example, gathering documents, such as copies of emails and evaluations, can help afterward. Additionally, avoiding criticizing — or praising — the company on social media is important. 

The loss of a job is often an emotionally and financially difficult time. If a person in Colorado suspects that he or she may be the victim of wrongful termination, there are experienced professionals who can help even before the termination occurs. Such a professional can carefully examine the details of an employment contract or company contract and help determine that most appropriate course of action.