Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C. Law Firm

Washington State Office

Ciancio Ciancio Brown’s (CCB) office is located in Olympia, WA, the capital city of Washington, and Kyle will be continuing his general business litigation and transactional practice, as well his real estate and construction law practice. Kyle will also use his environmental law and science background to assist clients with sustainability legal issues which are ever-present considerations for businesses in the region.

In addition to Kyle, CCB’s newest associate attorney, Grant T. Shibao, also recently received his license to practice law in the State of Washington and will support CCB’s newest endeavor with the same high quality legal services which he and Kyle and the rest of the firm’s business team provide CCB’s clients based in the State of Colorado and elsewhere.

Kyle C. Kreischer

Grant T. Shibao

Office Location:

6121 Brenner RD NW
Olympia, WA 98502