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Westminster Dog Bite Lawyer

Westminster Dog Bite Lawyer

You shouldn’t be left holding the bag for medical expenses and other damages when a dog owner negligently allows an aggressive or unrestrained dog to attack. Reach out to the Westminster dog bite lawyers at Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C. for a free consultation so we can begin a strategy to recover the damages you’ve suffered and achieve a sense of justice and closure so you can move forward from your injuries.

It’s true that dogs are man’s best friends, but that’s why it’s especially traumatic and terrifying when a dog attacks and causes injuries. As much as we might love our furry friends, dogs are still animals and can act unpredictably or become aggressive for reasons we can’t always anticipate or understand.

Recoverable Damages in Dog Bite Cases

When injuries from a dog attack cause serious harm, the victim can recover compensation for damages including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical expenses if they require corrective surgery or treatment for infection
  • Lost wages
  • Future lost wages
  • Lowered capacity for earning if the bites left them disabled
  • Pain and suffering
  • Trauma
  • Disfigurement
  • PTSD

A successful dog bite claim against a negligent dog owner can be an important step toward recovering both physically and financially.

Even if the attack occurred on private property, the pet owner is liable unless the bite victim was trespassing or illegally breaking and entering. Children are never considered trespassers in dog bite accidents even if they are on a property uninvited.

Colorado Strict Liability Law

In Colorado, all dog owners are responsible for their dog’s actions, including when they bite and cause injury. This strict liability law means the owner is liable for damages even if the dog has never previously bitten anyone and the owner had no way of knowing the dog might attack.

If you or your loved one suffered a dog attack with significant injuries, it’s the dog owner’s responsibility to compensate you for damages. In most cases, dog bite damages fall under a dog owner’s liability policy on their property insurance. To learn more about your legal rights, connect with a Westminster personal injury attorney.

Common Risk Factors for Dog Attacks

While not every dog attack is preventable, for both pet owners and innocent bystanders, understanding common risk factors can help minimize the risk of dog bites. Common causes for dog bites include:

  • Approaching a dog while its eating or playing with a favorite toy
  • Touching an unfamiliar dog or attempting to move it
  • Allowing unsupervised young children to play with a dog
  • Intervening in a dog’s attack on someone else or on another dog
  • Taunting, teasing, or abusing a dog

Dogs can become territorial if they feel threatened and may also bite if they are sick or injured and feel vulnerable. Dogs are also more likely to attack when they run loose in pairs or packs.

Common Injuries in Dog Bites

Animal attacks are terrifying and can cause serious bodily injury. Besides the immediate harm caused by painful lacerations and bruises from a dog’s strong jaws and tearing teeth, dog bites are prone to infection. The jagged edges of dog bites can leave disfiguring scars. Common injuries in dog attacks include:

  • Lacerations (cuts)
  • Bruises
  • Tissue damage to the skin
  • Tissue damage through the skin and into the muscle
  • Broken bones
  • Facial injury and scarring
  • Eye injury
  • Degloving injury to the fingers or hand
  • Nerve damage
  • Infection
  • Trauma
  • PTSD

Dog bite injuries cause serious physical and emotional trauma. Recovering from serious injuries in a dog attack can require significant medical expenses and long recovery times. Head injuries are also not uncommon in dog attacks when a dog knocks a victim to the ground during the attack.

When you, your loved one, or your child sustains serious injuries from a dog attack, you deserve compensation for the damages and a sense of justice. The Westminster dog bite attorneys at Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C. want to help you recover your losses so you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery.

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The compassionate Westminster dog bite attorneys at Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C., understand the serious toll a dog attack takes on a victim both physically and emotionally. We believe that dog owners must compensate victims when negligence leads to an attack. Reach out to our Westminster law office today for a free consultation about your dog bite case. Call now.