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Denver High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

Denver High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

A divorce is difficult under any circumstances. It can be a long, arduous and emotional process that takes a toll on the whole family. If you and your spouse have highly valuable or complex assets, you’re looking at an even more challenging legal process. The best way to handle your complex or high-asset divorce case in Denver, Colorado is with assistance from an experienced high net worth divorce attorney.

Skilled Legal Representation for Complex Divorces

At Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C., our Denver high net worth divorce lawyers and professional staff bring varied experience to our family law practice. This expertise is particularly effective in handling high-asset divorce matters in Colorado, as our background in issues such as taxes and business valuation is instrumental in our ability to protect the interests of our clients.

Individuals in Denver choose us because we have a proven track record of acquiring the case results that our clients need. In all facets of law as a full-service law firm, we are proud to have a history of success. Most of our attorneys have an average of 20 years of legal experience each, while one of our founders, Attorney Gene Ciancio, has been practicing law since 1971.

Since the foundation of Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C., we’ve earned a positive reputation with bar associations, professional organizations and the Denver community by delivering unparalleled customer service and exceptional results. You can trust our Denver divorce lawyers to work relentlessly for you and your family to achieve your high-asset divorce goals.

What Makes High-Asset Divorces Unique?

High-asset divorces often require different legal knowledge than a typical divorce or legal separation. When a couple has little to no marital property, they may not need an attorney, as they can generally agree on how to divide assets and debts (an uncontested divorce). When there is more on the line, however, a contested divorce is more likely. Oftentimes, the appointment of experts is required to value high-dollar assets, including:

  • Retirement accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Closely held businesses
  • Closely held corporations
  • Real estate assets
  • Vehicles, boats or private planes
  • Jewelry, art and collectibles
  • Intellectual property
  • Inheritances or trusts

Once a couple’s assets have been accurately valued, it is necessary to identify which are classified as community property and which are separate. Then, the couple must divide any shared interests, such as a jointly owned business or property. Finally, the couple should consider all tax liabilities involved in the division of high-dollar assets.

In general, a high-asset divorce is more expensive, takes longer, and has a larger impact on your future than a low-asset divorce. This is why it’s important to hire a Denver high net worth divorce lawyer to assist you with your high-asset or complex divorce case. A Denver high net worth divorce attorney from Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C. can guide you through each of these steps to make your divorce as simple and successful as possible.

How Does Colorado Divide Marital Property in a Divorce Case?

There are two main laws used to divide property between a divorcing couple: community property and equitable distribution. Most states, including Colorado, use an equitable distribution rule. In these states, property is divided by the courts in a way that is fair to both parties, but not necessarily equal. The courts will only intervene if the couple cannot work out a resolution on their own. If your divorce case goes before a judge, he or she will analyze many factors to determine a property division arrangement that is fair or equitable, including:

  • Each spouse’s financial state and economic circumstances
  • Which spouse will live in the family home, often according to child custody
  • The child custody and child support arrangements
  • Any depletion of one spouse’s separate property for the good of the spouse or family
  • Any appreciation or depreciation of a spouse’s separate property during the marriage
  • The value of the property being given to each spouse

Personal matters such as fault for the divorce or marital misconduct are not considered in property division matters. In a community property state, such as California or Texas, all marital property (referred to as community property) is divided equally, down the middle, regardless of what is fair for either party. In Colorado, however, you have a chance to state your case and argue for more than 50 percent of the marital property based on your situation. A high net worth divorce lawyer can help you build the most compelling property division argument possible to protect your hard-earned assets.

Community vs. Separate Property

In a divorce trial, the judge only has jurisdiction over your community property, assets and debts. A judge cannot touch your separate property. It is important to understand this distinction if you wish to protect your high-value assets in a divorce or legal separation. By keeping your earnings and properties separate from your spouse – such as by not combining your accounts into a joint account – you have a better chance of keeping them in a divorce.

Community property, also known as marital property, is everything that you and your spouse acquire during the course of your marriage. It can include income, real estate, vehicles and other assets. It does not matter which spouse brought the income or assets into the marriage; once you’re married, you’re viewed as part of the same community – thus, everything you or your spouse earns while married is classified as community property.

Your separate property is anything that you or your spouse owned prior to marriage. It also refers to any gifts or inheritances given specifically to one spouse during the marriage. Separate property is kept by each owner, not shared between the couple, in a divorce.

How Can You Protect Your High-Value Assets During Divorce?

If you are part of a high-asset marriage, it is natural to want to prevent your income and assets from going to your ex-spouse. This is something that a high net worth divorce lawyer can help you with, as a lawyer has all of the knowledge and experience to protect your assets. Your lawyer can give you tips and advice on how to protect your high-value assets from being split with your ex as much as possible, such as:

  • Understand the value of your assets.
  • Know what you own vs. what your spouse owns.
  • Keep separate property separate (don’t co-mingle assets).
  • Don’t sell or transfer your property.
  • Reach a divorce settlement to avoid going to trial.
  • Use a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.
  • Know your options for dividing jointly owned property.
  • Get help from a Denver family lawyer.

Never try to hide high-value assets in a divorce case. If discovered, you could face serious penalties – including criminal charges and jail time. Instead, entrust your case to a skilled and experienced high net worth divorce lawyer in Denver to protect your valuable assets and properties without risking your future. The attorneys at Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C. can handle even the most complex divorce case in Colorado with proven legal strategies.

Experienced Lawyers Handling Asset Division

Our attorneys are led by renowned family law attorney Cynthia L. Ciancio, who has handpicked our family law team to respond to the unique needs of our clients. Due to the wealth of experienced lawyers that can be found throughout our firm, we are able to handle most issues in-house; our firm’s attorneys have expertise in a variety of fields, including business law, taxation, corporate and securities law, estate planning, oil and gas, water law, and employment law.

When necessary to bolster the cases of our clients, we partner with trusted outside experts, including appraisers, business valuators and accountants.

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