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Legal Separation As An Alternative To Divorce

For couples in Colorado who wish to live separately and have defined divisions in their financial and parenting affairs, there is an alternative to divorce. Legal separation resolves the same issues as a divorce while allowing couples to remain legally married for their own personal reasons.

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At Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C., we offer skilled representation for men and women seeking to file for legal separation. We can handle all separation-related issues, including:

In Colorado, the legal separation process is the same as divorce. All property is divided equitably and arrangements are made for children’s issues such as custody and support. While spouses are not able to remarry while separated, they are able to move on with their lives while having the option of converting the separation to divorce upon request.

The most common reasons couples choose legal separation over divorce are religious and philosophical opposition to divorce, the need to maintain health insurance and simply just not being ready for divorce. In some cases, the separation provides spouses with the space they need to address the issues present in their marriage and make a decision on how to proceed.

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Our attorneys, handpicked by renowned family law attorney Cynthia L. Ciancio, understand what it takes to protect the rights of our clients during a separation and can help you gain an understanding of your rights. Contact us to schedule a case evaluation with our lawyers.

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