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Denver Child Custody Lawyer

Denver Child Custody Lawyer

At Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C., our Denver child custody attorneys represent biological parents, nonbiological parents, adoptive parents and other parties in custody matters in Colorado. Our firm has extensive family law experience and focuses on protecting the rights of our clients while obtaining outcomes that provide children with the relationships and environment they need and deserve.

In most divorces or breakups between couples with children, allocation of parental responsibility is the most contentious issue to be resolved. In a time when same-sex couples, stepparents, unmarried parents and multiple-parent households are prevalent, determining what is in the best interest of a child is more complex than ever.

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  • Our Denver family law lawyers have been helping clients achieve their family law goals for over 100 combined years. We have honed our expertise in the practice areas of child custody and parental rights.
  • We offer personalized legal representation. During a complicated and emotional legal matter such as child custody, we value honesty, transparency and open communication with our clients.
  • We are a full-service law firm in Denver, Colorado. Our child custody lawyers can handle not only your child custody matter, but also paternity cases, visitation, adoption, child support, and more.

What is Child Custody?

Child custody refers to the rights and responsibilities parents have regarding their child. Responsibilities involve meeting the child’s basic needs, including housing, health care, education and fulfillment of emotional needs. Rights include having the power to make decisions regarding the child’s upbringing and spending adequate time with the child, as it is in the child’s best interest to have both parents in their life. After a legal separation or divorce in Colorado, parents should agree on a parenting time plan to define responsibilities and obtain parenting time.

How Do I Get Parenting Time?

Colorado law refers to child custody as parenting time. Your best effort to gain quality parenting time with your child(ren) is by filing an action with the Domestic Relations County Court. The Court will require good faith efforts for the parents to mediate and attempt to come to their own resolution. Mediation is an informal meeting between you, the other parent and an unbiased third party called the mediator. The mediator can help you resolve your child custody case but does not have the authority to issue a custody order at the end of the meeting.

Many parents can arrange parenting plans during mediation and avoid court trials. This is called an uncontested custody case, and it is generally preferred for its capacity to save time, money and stress – as well as give parents more control over the outcome of a custody case. If matters cannot be resolved in mediation, then a parent may request a hearing for the judge to make orders for parenting time. In this case, both parties will go to court in Denver to state their cases and have a judge determine parental responsibilities.

Types of Child Custody/Parental Responsibilities

The allocation of parental responsibility, commonly called “child custody,” is separated into two primary issues:

  • Parenting time and visitation. This refers to physical time spent with the child, such as having the child stay with you in your home.
  • Decision-making. Decision-making responsibility is the allocation of major decisions to one or both parents, such as the child’s education, religion and health care.

Our team of Denver child custody lawyers can work with you to ensure both of these issues are properly addressed in your parenting plan.

Allocation of Parental Responsibility

If your child custody case goes to trial in Colorado, a judge will always set a parenting time schedule that is found to be in the best interests of your child. This generally means what will serve the child(ren) best by providing them adequate love, support and care. A judge will carefully review all the facts of a case to make a parenting time determination. Some of the factors involved in this decision are:

  • The child’s age
  • The extent that each parent wants to be involved
  • Each parent’s mental and physical fitness
  • The wishes of the parents
  • The wishes of the child (if old enough)
  • The child’s connections to his or her home and community
  • The child’s overall safety and well-being
  • The physical distance between the two parents

It is a common misconception that the courts favor the mother during custody decisions. These cases are decided purely on what is best for the child(ren). One parent can receive both legal and physical custody, but it is more common for both parents to share custody. Unless there is a reason to remove custody from one parent – such as a history of child abuse, domestic violence, drug addiction or child abandonment – the courts in Colorado believe it is best for a child to remain in continuing contact with both parents after a dissolution of marriage.

Child Custody Will Impact Child Support

In Colorado, child support is based on a specific formula that takes into account who is the primary parent, the number of overnights each parent has with the children, the income of both parties, maintenance payments, and other health- and education-related payments that each parent makes in support of the children.

Our Denver child custody attorneys can help you understand how your choices regarding a parenting plan and separation agreement may affect your child support payments.

With high-income individuals, the “formula” does not apply. These cases require a special analysis that takes into consideration the needs of the child and the standard of living prior to the parental separation.

With self-employed individuals or business owners, the determination of income can be very complex. Our Denver child support attorneys pride themselves on understanding the income of a business and reading and understanding tax returns. Determination of income is a critical factor in determining child support.

Representation for Nonbiological and Same-Sex Parents

Families are not one size fits all, and nonbiological parents are often responsible for the care and nurturing of children in a household. The rights of nonbiological parents is an emerging area of the law that our firm has taken an interest in. We are published in two precedent-setting Court of Appeals opinions regarding nonbiological parents seeking custody of a child.

  • In re S.N.V., 284 P.3d 147 (Colo. Ct. App. 2011)
  • In re A.D., 240 P.3d 488 (Colo. Ct. App. 2010)

Can You Modify a Child Custody or Child Support Order in Colorado?

Once a parenting time court order is in place, both parties must comply with its requirements until the end of the order. Typically, a child custody arrangement lasts until the children turn 18 or leave home. There are exceptions, however, for major life changes that take place. If you or your ex-spouse experiences a substantial change in circumstance, you can petition the courts in Denver for a modification of your child custody and/or child support order.

A substantial change in circumstance can mean anything that makes it no longer possible to continue your court-ordered arrangement or a change that endangers the safety and health of the child(ren). Issues that could lead to the courts granting a child custody modification request include child neglect or abuse, parental child abduction, one parent moving out of state, incarceration, and substance abuse. Changes to child support orders are generally related to income losses or major fluctuations. If you wish to modify any type of court order after a divorce or legal separation in Denver, our attorneys can help.

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