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How can I avoid common divorce mistakes?

Divorce is rarely an easy undertaking for couples in Colorado. However, the process can be greatly complicated if you’re not aware of some of the more common mistakes and the proper methods for avoiding them. Keeping an even head during a divorce is crucial, especially if you hope to navigate the proceedings in a reasonable manner.

The Huffington Post lists some mistakes people can make during a divorce, including not considering the tax implications it can have. Financial issues can be exceedingly complex when it comes to divorce, especially in terms of financial accounts and any property owned. Getting a professional financial perspective can be helpful in this case, as that way you can rest assured that you won’t run into any tax issues down the line after your divorce is finalized.

I got a raise — do I have to tell my ex if I pay child support?

Just because a child support order is in place doesn’t mean it can never change. In fact, child support orders are often modified for a variety of reasons, including instances in which there is a significant change in parental responsibility time or the incomes of either parent noticeably increase or decrease.

This means that a child-support modification may be warranted when one of the parents gets a raise or a new, better-paying job. However, must this parent inform the other parent of his or her higher income? Yes, you do — at least in Colorado.

What is considered inappropriate in the workplace?

Colorado employers must remain cognizant of proper workplace decorum. Failure to do so can lead to employee conflicts, and may even result in a lawsuit if you fail to maintain a safe and inclusive place of work for all. The following are some workplace behaviors that should be avoided to prevent damaging litigation from occurring.

Business Insider lists a number of behaviors that could be construed as inappropriate in virtually every place of work. For instance, while it is a far less common occurrence than other types of prejudicial behavior, teasing or referring to a person’s “whiteness” can still be considered discrimination in some cases. Caucasians are also covered under civil rights’ ordinances, which means even a seemingly innocent joke or statement could result in claims of a hostile work environment. Positive statements about one’s ethnicity or race may also be considered as discrimination and should be avoided.

How can I prepare for a road trip?

Road tripping can be a great experience for the whole family. However, when undertaking a road trip in Colorado, it’s important to remain vigilant of safe practices on the road. The following tips will help ensure that your upcoming trip is as safe as it is fun.

To this end, Parents offers some essential safety tips for road trippers. For instance, packing a comprehensive safety kit is a must when spending an extended amount of time on the road. Safety kits should include jumper cables, flashlight, tire jack and spare, fresh water, flares, and any other must-have items. Additionally, having a first aid kit is also recommended in the event that anyone in your party becomes injured during your excursion.

3 factors that make for an easier post-divorce transition

Divorce is more than just the end of a legal marriage arrangement. It's a life-altering event with consequences that ripple across all areas of life.

The biggest upheavals are not only emotional, but also financial, social and logistical. Divorce may mean a drastic change in your standard of living, with income and resources stretched thin. If you've been a homemaker, you may have to consider reentering the workforce. You'll have to navigate tricky social relationships involving mutual friends - which may mean losing friends. You may also be struggling with finding a new place to live, spending time apart from your kids and coming to terms with your new identity as a single person.

What is the Family and Medical Leave Act?

As a Colorado employer, having a working understanding of employment law is highly recommended. This is especially true when it comes to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which involves workers taking leave for health issues affecting them or family members. Knowing how this act works and how it is applied to employees is crucial to ensuring you remain compliant.

As stated by the United States Department of Labor, workers who are deemed eligible must be afforded up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave on an annual basis. When workers take leave, their health benefits must remain in effect, and they must have the option of returning to work to hold the same position as when they left. If a family member is part of the military and has suffered a significant illness or injury, workers should be privy to 26 months of unpaid leave during the course of the year.

How should I talk to my ex after a divorce?

For many couples in Colorado, maintaining a peaceful relationship post-divorce can be incredibly trying. However, it’s important to establish a healthy relationship after a divorce, especially when kids are involved. Although you may feel anger and sadness over the end of your marriage, being capable of compromise and understanding is crucial.

Accordingly, Psychology Today offers a few helpful tips on how to improve your relationship with your ex. Take into account how the legal process of divorce transpired. Were you or your ex-spouse needlessly cruel or spiteful in order to get the upper hand? If so, it’s important that an apology is made for any bad behavior in an attempt to clear the air. If not, you will most likely rehash old arguments again and again, which will prevent you from moving on to the next phase in your relationship.

How can advanced safety features protect you on the road?

Safety is a top priority when traveling on Colorado roads. Accordingly, many drivers are in search of vehicles that employ advanced safety features, which can offer a greater level of protection when behind the wheel. Many of these features go above and beyond in terms of conventional vehicular safety, especially when used in conjunction with other advanced systems.

A list of advanced safety features compiled by Consumer Reports shows just comprehensive these protections can be when it comes to lessening the risk of serious injuries occurring. For instance, automatic emergency braking is a crucial feature that can prevent an impact from occurring. There are other types of emergency braking features, including rear automatic braking, which prevents your vehicle from backing into objects.

Can a business sue over a bad review?

If you own a business in Colorado, you know just how important customer satisfaction can be. This is especially true when it comes to review sites like Yelp, which give patrons the power to let their opinions (good or bad) be known to future customers. Some business owners have even tried to sue over negative reviews, a practice which has come under fire as of late.

According to, consumers are well within their rights to leave negative feedback on review sites without fear of legal reprisal. In fact, recent legislation has addressed the issue of businesses suing over negative reviews, erring on the side of the consumer in such legal battles. This legislation states that consumers can feel free to leave their honest opinions on the service afforded by businesses, which falls under free speech laws.

How can I deal with co-parenting after divorce?

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of divorce for couples in Colorado is co-parenting their children. Conflicts are bound to arise over subjects both large and small, and it’s important to be able to navigate these issues with grace and clarity. Not only can this make your life much easier, it can also ensure that your children remain healthy and happy throughout what is bound to be a difficult time for all.

According to, parents should not be worried as much about the amount of time spent with their kids, but instead focus on the quality of the time spent. An even split between you and your ex-spouse may not always be possible due to work obligations, school, etc. Co-parenting schedules should accommodate all involved, and that may require a bit of flexibility on your behalf.

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