Get proof of an alcoholic spouse’s problem for custody cases

Get proof of an alcoholic spouse’s problem for custody cases

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Many couples in the Denver area and elsewhere struggle with a handful of issues when they are married. But according to one experienced family law attorney, one issue that has been on the rise is alcohol abuse. According to this attorney, she has seen a “significant” increase in one spouse making an alcoholism claim against the other during the last few years.

This attorney says that spouses and children typically make excuses for an alcohol abuse problem in the home, but the simple fact is that it can have a deleterious effect on any marriage. Especially when children are involved in a divorce and issues of child custody are at play to keep children safe, alcoholism can be a big factor in a divorce.

Even if divorce was something that was kept a family secret, the attorney advises that it will have to be proven in court during divorce and child custody hearings. Many times spouses of alcoholics will not address the problem, and they may even be enablers, but that will have to change in a divorce. The attorney advises having friends and family who can back up your allegations, along with video evidence of the questionable behavior.

There are obvious feelings of guilt and shame that come with divorcing an alcoholic who refuses to get help. But it is important to remember that the spouse with the problem is the one who has to solve it. Don’t hesitate to hold that person accountable if their actions are harming the marriage or endangering children’s safety.

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